Thread: What Countries Do Not Require Prescription?

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    What Countries Do Not Require Prescription? 
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    I know from friends' personal experience you do not need prescriptions for medications in india, also mexico (however only certain places), serbia I believe b/c they/re not in the european union i remeber the countries such as bulgaria and romania before joining the european union one could purchase anything from codeine to amobarbital without a prescription all over the country.

    What other countries can you list that do not require prescriptions when purchasing pharmaceuticals. I'm mostly interested in the south asian countries of Burma/Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia.

    The forementioned countries have special zones where the use of opium, marijuana and magic mushrooms is not only permitted but legal mostly in the nothern parts where the indegienous peple live. You can find it if you look for places under drug tourism or opium tourism, even from watching travel shows like No Reservations and such in one episode he was in Cambodia and all these were on the menue

    Anyone else know any other places? I'm thinking you may be able to get by in Russia however they too are conforming to European standards so i doubt it but in most likey you can in former soviet countries, like uzbekitan, turkmenistan, kazakstan, georgia and so on...although I have not verified this.

    Any input is welcome...if you don't want to post please P.M. me

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    I'm fairly certain that Russia's pharmaceuticals are fairly controlled, or at least will be soon (I know they're banning the sails of OTC codeine at some point in the near future, if they haven't already)..Why else would there be Krokodil if strong pharmaceutical opiates could be easily bought without prescription. I'm sure that there are plenty of corrupt pharmacists, I would just imagine the price would be rather high or all the opiate addicts would be buying morphine ampules instead of crushing codeine and cooking it down with Tropicamide. I believe I read Russia was the worlds largest consumers of heroin. It just wouldn't make sense if opiates at least, were so easily available (with the exception of codeine).

    • Before anyone posts in this thread, I just want to make it clear to be vague in your answers. Remember, there is NO SOURCING allowed on Bluelight, so please don't respond with an answer like "There is the most wonderful Opium den on XXX St. In the XXXProvince of China".
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