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    Xanax and Norco 
    Im gonna pop some xanax and norco tonight i have never taking them together so could i please have a proper mg dose for both norco and xanax based on your first time experience ?
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    Depends on your tolerance. It's difficult to answer that question unless we know your previous experience with those drugs.

    Do you have any experience with either Xanax (alprazolam) or Norco (hydrocodone)?
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    I have never taken norco but i have taken up to 4 mgs of xanax it took about 3-4 days for all of the effects to wear off but it probably raised my tolerance... if you have any expierence or can think of anything whats fun to do on this mix? thank you!
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    I don't know if you take benzos daily, if not, I would suggest just trying the Norco for the first time at about 15 mg without any Xanax (or any other benzos). But, if you are set on adding Xanax to the Norco, add no more than 0.5 mg to 15 mg of the hydrocodone. I know that may sound very conservative, but benzos + opiates can be a really dangerous combo, esp. for you since you have never taken Norco before, and I am assuming you have no opiate tolerance. Also, benzos can dull down an opiate high to an extent, but can also cause it to be more pleasant with more sedation. For your first experience, though, to see how you react to it and get a good taste of it, I suggest not using any Xanax, really. If you take Xanax regularly on a daily basis, though, and are physically dependent, just take your normal dose as you would, with the 15 mg hydrocodone. By the way, if you do use the Xanax, I might even only use 0.25 mg - I know it sounds like barely nothing, probably, but with an opiate for an opiate-naive individual, and if you don't have a benzo dependence or serious tolerance, it can do more than you would think. Trust me on that one. Still, though, my suggestion is just hydrocodone. You could be more sensitive to it than others, for some naturally are, and you would then not want a benzo on top of it. Hydrocodone tends to be somewhat sedating and dreamy on its own, although some find it stimulating, too. By the way, opiates are not like benzos at all. They will both relax you, but opiates are much more euphoric, but at the same time can be more subtle, and have a totally different set of effects. Opiates, too, are EXTREMELY addictive for those who enjoy them. Just be careful, and lie down if nausea ensues - it should then go away. Just be in a relaxing enviroment, and let the hydrocodone do what it does. Have fun and BE SAFE.
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    sorry i double posted wanted to get rid off it so===
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