Thread: Known method to safely IV roxy 15s green with Ms?

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    Known method to safely IV roxy 15s green with Ms? 
    Okay so I was wondering if it was possible to IV roxy 15s with Ms safely without gel or losing anything important. And how you would do that? Just wondering if it can be done and if it would be even worth it, would the high be greater? Do you just do CWE and filter quick? Thanks
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    Please read the BLUA...I would help you but please edit your post first...

    And just an FYI..Oral BA is about 87% not sure why you want to IV, OxyC has no rush.
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    Ok sorry first post. Not worth the IV? I just wanna know what will get the most bang for buck
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    Edited please let me know if I'm still in error not feeling to hot
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    Better...Discussing price is against the rules, didnt want you to get infracted for it...

    Your talking the Green "M" 15 oxycodone correct? Theres no reason to do a CWE on it, nor would you apply heat. Just filter it and use a micron filter.

    But honestly IV Oxycodone is not worth it. The Oral BA is about 87%, IV'ed Oxy produces no rush, and has no legs, meaning it will peak faster but be gone quicker also. If you just crush and swallow the effects of the Oxy will last much much longer.
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    There's no reason to IV oxycodone. Just take it orally for best results. People always have a very hard time believing that the best thing to do is just swallow the pill, but just take my word for it. There are medications that I can understand why people IV them, oxycodone is not one of them.
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    I believe it I took 2 today thank you
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