Thread: How to get someone off Heroin ?

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    How to get someone off Heroin ? 
    What do we need to succeed, ie equipment ?
    What should we expect during withdrawal ?
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    This is a question that will require a longggg response but I feel this thread will suit you best

    Read this entire thread. Yes its a lot of info but if you actually want the best shot you'll invest the time and read as much as you can.

    My input:

    advil: helps more than you'll realize

    immodium: same as above

    clonodine (if available): ditto

    EXERCISE: as much as you can. Sounds counter productive, but if you're going to be laying in bed for a day not sleeping, you might as well get up for a bit to walk around and hopefully tire yourself out. if you can barely walk for 5 minutes every day, walk for 5 minutes. better than laying in bed kicking, might as well be active, because 1) it will help with getting endorphins going, 2) it will be healthy for you past the endorphins, 3) if you manage to do enough it will, hopefully, tire you the fuck out enough that you simply pass out.

    eat whatever you can keep down; junk food, fruit, ANYTHING you can manage to eat, eat it. Its very hard to eat healthy normally, let alone during withdrawals. Yes eating healthy is obviously better, but if you cant keep down vegetables and CAN keep down junk food (which is most likely a result of the diets of humans being changed drastically the past 50 years), then by all means eat junk food. the more food energy you have the easier it will be on your body

    drink water: lots of water. they recommend 8 glasses a day, if you can try and double that b/c you will be sweating out an obscene amount of water. Gatorade too a bit or something of the likes. I only drink water and milk now, but if you eat anything you replenish electrolytes from food too (esp foods high in salts like sodium or potassium). If you DONT eat then gatorade is doubly important, but if you DO eat don't worry about electrolytes as much.

    Basically down whatever you can keep down.

    jack/jill off: if you can. basically 'exercise' in the sense that it will tire you out and release endorphins. although i know for a lotta people the last thing they wanna do during w/d is rub one out. but if you can....its a good time sink too!

    hot showers: obvious.

    STRETCHING! Omg this ones a life saver and honestly what i used to do when I would be in bad w/d. Stretch stretch stretch. If your legs get as bad as mine, do what I call the "catcher pose" where you bend your legs like a baseball catcher. Nothing feels better than stretching out those aches and pains, seriously. Its almost orgasmic, the one downside is that the feeling fades rapidly after you stop stretching. I used to actually sit like a catcher with my knees bent and out to the side for sometimes 20-30 minutes because it felt that fucking good. I really cannot describe the intense pleasure i got from this lol.

    I personally say NO BENZOS. I am totally against benzos during opiate w/d b/c in my experience and observations they lead to NOTHING but a new addiction and/or relapse. I have never IN PERSON seen someone successfully use benzos and stay away from the opiates and get off of them. they always end up hooked on benzos or relapsing because their inhibitions are gone, and they're all barred the fuck out. To each their own, but I vote against benzos every time.

    For more info see the thread i've posted,
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    Good post doom. though I disagree on the venal issue. I can't imagine a kick without some valium.
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    Benzo replacment.
    Extreme joy that made it all worth it.

    Also acid has been know within my circles to provide enlightenment and self motivation

    Forgot to mention luck.

    Good luck
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    You can't get someone else off heroin. But I assume you meant if someone themselves is wishing to quit how can they make it most comfortable and most likely to succeed?

    There are many different options for quitting. I assume you are talking about doing it at home? And are you just asking what will make the withdrawals more bearable? Or do you want to know what they can do to work on their addiction and stay clean? Do they want/have access to other drugs to help ease their symptoms? If you could be more specific about what info you are looking for would be very helpful. I could write an entire book on getting off heroin, so it would help to narrow it down.

    There are some very detailed threads on here on dealing with heroin withdrawal symptoms if that's what you are looking for.
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    ask nicely?


    im of the opinion you can only help someone get off dope when they are ready. sure you could technically lock the person up in a cell for 2 weeks and they would be clean, but they would probably just want to go cop as soon as possible, and it would sure as hell be all they were thinking about. there is a bunch of useful iinfo on here for exactly what you are looking for. good luck.
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    put it very nicely for w/d you can try kratom its a natural herb but then again dont fight one addiction with another. Best of luck to you ive been where your at and it gets better just plow through it and beware of triggers just stay away for it for at least awhile if you can forever. Peace and love

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    If you ate doing this to someone else then the only sure fire methods ate locking then in the dungeon under the house or popping them in the face with a 9mm.

    Now if this is with their consent and they are motivated it is an entropy different deal.

    I would personally recommend taking them somewhere, tking their phone/keys/wallet away and sit back and ride that bitch out
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