Thread: Separating dextroamphetamine from vyvanse?

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    Separating dextroamphetamine from vyvanse? 
    Hello all. I recently required some vyvanse pills. I have been reading up on these and basically have concluded that not only are they weaker than adderall but are also XR (extended release). Some reported good effects from this drug, well actually a substantial amount but I hate XR adderall and i'm not going to attempt to take this stuff so I can stay up for two days straight. But I have also seen ways to extract the dextroamphetamine from its binding molecule l-lysine using a OTC supplement that contains the enzyme trypsin which seems to be the only way mentioned thus far.
    Trypsin is sort of obscure and I am unfortunately unable to acquire any but I did see some other stuff about lemon juice and other acidic things to dissolve the pills in but this seemed stupid because we all know dextroamphetamine and acids do not mix well.
    I was wondering if anyone knew any possible way to remove this pesky l-lysine molecule from the dextroamphetamine. It seems like you could possibly use something like baking soda or an antacid (known potentiators) to obviously potentiate it but possibly counter act the l-lysine. Sounds too good to be true but, i'd love some help on this topic.
    Thanks BL!

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    Your on another level of smarts bro. Wish I knew enough to help, try looking at a chemistry book and see if you can get any tips on extracting chemicals. Sounds like you'd need a decent chem kit as well if you want what your striving for to be on point.

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    This isn't a simple extraction. Rather, you with be reacting the amphetamine bonded with the lysine to yield d-amphetamine and unbonded l-lysine. Reaction with trypsin seems like a good way to go, but there are several viable methods detailed in the following thread (please run a search prior to posting next time):


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    Thanks! I had used the search funtion just must have missed that thread.
    thanks again

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    Trypsin doesn't work. Its not even metabolized by trypsin in vivo.

    Hydrolyze it in strong base, extract with DCM or another solvent of similar polarity.

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    this has been discussed many times before, the general consensus is that digestive enzymes do not help. Although nobody's actually done any hard data, like usual.
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