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    Wife of an Opiate Addict 

    I'm really happy to have found this forum! I am the wife of an opiate addict.... Most recently heroin. He has struggled with it in the past (before me) and he has been off of heroin about 2 weeks. I joined this forum to get support for myself... As I feel like my mood and attitude changed due to his addiction. I also want to make sure I'm doing everything to help him STAY clean.
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    Tell him BL says keep up the good work
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    Welcome aboard Smooches. I see that you've already found The Dark Side. Keep posting there, it's full of good and helpful people. The amount of support you're giving your husband is amazing. If you have any questions about Bluelight, just post them here. I wish you and your husband the best.
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    i would like for you to tell me what it is that you are looking for.
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    Hi Smoochs, welcome Like spork mentioned our The Dark Side section covers opiate addictions and how to combat it from both perspectives--the user and the partner.
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