Thread: Can I ever experience mephedrone high again with another drug?

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    Can I ever experience mephedrone high again with another drug? 
    Hello all,

    I know my question might look like its been asked many times already but I searched a lot and did'nt come accross.

    First of all I am not an experienced drug user compared to most of you. My first drug experience started 4 years ago by doing some cocaine. I enjoyed it very much but my usage was very limited, like 0.5g each 2 weeks or so. This continued until I came accross mephedrone (4-MMC) when it was hyped (I heard of it on radio) so I found a source on internet and ordered some. My first order was 10g 4-MMC, that I finished within a week. I enjoyed it that much that I completely forgot about cocaine, and until now, havent touched it again!

    As I have an important position within my job, I cannot openly use drugs so I always use it at home and when I am alone and have enough time like at least 2 days in a row. The reason why enjoyed mephedrone that much was because of its sexual abilities, I mean my God! When I started using I was in the middle of breaking up a long term relationship but did'nt think about it for a second while I was on it! After 20 minutes of ingestion, all I could think of where women, women and women. Immediately starting booty calls and invite over and have crazy kinky sex, but the strangest of all, watching porn was the most amazing! For me much better that having actual sex. Sometimes I could watch 24hours without a break..

    My usage was the same frequency as coke but higher volumes, like 1g-1.5g in a session. This continued until the ban in May 2010. Since then I started looking for alternatives RC's like MDPV, 6-APB, 4-FA, 4-MEC, 3-MMC, 5-IT, MDMA and bk-MDMA. All of them (except of bk-MDMA) flushed down the toilet after the night of testing. I read this forum carefully before using anything so I think I used the right dosages of all mentioned chemicals.

    Well, the question is, is there any other drugs that can unleash the sexual beast same way mephedrone did? As I mentioned before, I am only interested in the horn enhancement capabilities and not party enhancement.

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    God i Miss Mephedrone. Agree with the hornyness it gave. Went through way too much of that shit, but fuck i miss it . sorry, not much of input haha

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    Meth can have a similar effect sexually, but it's certainly not something I'd recommend getting into.

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    We can't tell you what drugs to take. There are all sorts of drugs that can increase sex drive, which all have different other effects, and everyone is going to experience different results. For example lots of people say cocaine makes them horny but it doesn't seem to have that effect for me. Not really sure how we can help you here and I'm not even clear on what you want - are you looking for a drug that affects your sex/sex drive just like mephedrone but without any other noticeable effects? I'm not sure if this thread belongs in Basic Drug Discussion to be honest.

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