Thread: Black Tar - How to tell if its real or fake tar before you buy it!

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    Black Tar - How to tell if its real or fake tar before you buy it! 
    Black Tar - How to tell if its real or fake tar

    *Note I'm not endorsing the use of heroin. But if you must use heres what to look for.

    (This is for Tar in Washington, Oregon, and California so I can only be sure about stuff bought from these states... but these methods will help elsewhere Im sure)

    Black tar is interesting. It comes in many, many, many forms. Mainly it is either in a chunky rock form, sticky tar-like form, or gun powder (crushed up brown sugar like form).

    The reason I decided to write this, is because so many people are getting screwed over, primarily the people who are so sick they just buy whatever. But this should help you out a little if you dont know what to look for.

    1. Appearance: Typically for me, the black that is sticky tar-like and gun powder forms have the best quality and most likely real and the best. If it comes in a rock form and it is shiny, like glass reflecting it could be very likely fake. (know that apperance testing should not be the only test)

    2: Taste: Taste is a far better way to tell if you got something good or not. So put your finger and dab it on the black and put it in your mouth. For all types of black Ive encountered it should taste like vinegar and be very bitter. If you taste any sweetness, it is most likely cut or fake. Even though it looks so real, I can make fake shit out of soda to look EXACTLY like any type of black. Trust me Ive fooled so dealers when Id ask for a bag and switched em and said nevermind i dont got enough. (Fuck dealers right? ). Also if it tastes like tree sap, most of the time ive had that its just a lesser quality dope

    3. Smell: This is probably just as important. The smell should be like your sniffing up fumes of sour vinegar, kinda like to strong for you to keep sniffing. That is always a good sign. If you smell nothing, or sweetness, or anything else pretty much. Its probably fake.

    So this has been pretty much my methods over the past 4 years of hardcore heroin use. If your just starting to use, Id really suguest you stop. It is a living hell nightmare experience. Though I also know nothing anyone says will change your mind.

    So here you go, I know its not alot to go by since there are so many forms of black. But this is what I did. You really have to just go thru trial and error but this will help.

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    Interesting. In the past during my "bad girl" phase, I only ever encountered powder. I knew nothing of tar except for what I watched the the movie 'Gift'. Bad idea to get any know-how from a movie. I don't plan on ever going back to smack, but it's interesting nonetheless.

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    Honestly my best tar was a solid wet looking dry chunk that when broken with a razerblade shattered into black goopy glass-like shards. That stuff hit hard physically in a good way, but I cant say for sure about the quality as tar has never been good waterlined compared to oxymorphone railed... Although it is easier and cheaper for th

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    This thread is pure speculation, it's a well-known fact that most tar smells/tastes/etc like vinegar. This is basically a how to substance ID thread, which is a violation of the forum guidelines. If anyone has issues, they can PM me personally.

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