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    suboxone and methamphetamine 
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    today i am getting 2 8 mg suboxone strips as well as a few grams of speed. i plan on either plugging or iv'ing the suboxone and iv'ing the meth.i plan on using 1-4 mg of suboxone and .05-.1 grams of speed. i wanted to ask a few uestions about this combo.
    should i iv the 2 together or seperate? if i plug the sub how long after should i do the speed? what effects should i expect from this combo? does anyone have any experience with these two substances together? any response would be greatly appreciated
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    Usually called speed balling. Bupe however is a milder opiate the onset is slow even IVed and suboxne tends to be longer (debatable)

    BTW plugging bupe I never knew was anygood but readingup wow. so I would start things by getting on the bupe train then fire off your meth shots however save more maybe for the day after if you feel run down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Williams View Post
    I would start things by getting on the bupe train then fire off your meth shots
    I agree with this. I did suboxone and methamp for 4 months together at one time in my life and I always did my subs in the morning and at night and speed a couple times during the day (both IV). I didn't do them together since there isn't really a point that I saw. The sub in your shot won't make any sort of rush anyway to go with the methamp if you're looking for a speedball type reaction. (I do hope you are not planning on doing 1-4mg of sub in one shot though..) I'd say they are good together, I guess, maybe the suboxone took away a little bit of the anxiety associated with methamp? I'm not sure since I had been on suboxone for a few months prior to introducing speed back into my life and I wasn't really analyzing how they worked together... I was just trying to tweak and suboxone was just something that I took to be normal. I can tell you that I didn't DISlike it at all though!
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    Shooting subs is ridiculously dangerous, I've read numerous reports of gangrene and infection resulting in amputation from shooting them. You might want to just rail the subs but that's just my .02
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    If you're going to IV the Suboxone use a micron filter. Probably best to do the same with the methamphetamine. It is safe to use opiates and amphetamines together (provided you're using safe doses, of course) - but if you don't use a micron filter you're still putting yourself at risk for all the various IV complications that come from IVing pills.

    Methamphetamine is a long duration stimulant (even when IVed). Your best bet is to either take them at the same time or maybe even wait until you're starting to come down from the methamphetamine before you dose the Suboxone.

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    Suboxone and meth seems to make me feel quite nauseas every time I mix them. Besides that the combo isn't too bad, sub isn't strong enough to take away from the meth high and a dose of sub as the meth is wearing off but you are still tweaked will make you feel a helluva lot better.
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    I've ran them both at same time & had no problems but I definitely agree about using a filter.
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