Thread: Suboxone and drug testing , after 4 days use , how long will it show up in Urine test

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    Suboxone and drug testing , after 4 days use , how long will it show up in Urine test 
    I am sure some of you have had similar experiences , in my area it's very hard to get a oxy 30 Rx filled and the long acting opana which is now not nearly has effective is through an assitance program and doesn't always come on time , I had to fill a partial on my blues and ran out b4 I got my opana then when I got remainder of partial frm PM I couldn't find a place to fill it , so I was out of everything and had some subs stored away as emergency so if caught in this type of sitch I wouldn't be a total mess, I took about a 16 mg dose Thursday , about 6-8 Mgs Friday, 3-5 Mgs Saturday and Sunday I only took mayb 2mgs , Monday I didn't dose at all, my opana came and was able to fill 30s same day , lucky , pheeew, anyway dosed my 30s about 3pm 18hrs since sub dose and actually felt bout half by that night seemed like bupe stopped blocking , also a separate question and I know I a digressing again but it's been strange , have been on ops for bout 10 yrs , quit a few times for a few months once cold Turk (pure hell, once w/ tapering dones , but chronic sstomach issues and pain always brought me back, but now dose is lower and maintaining. Anyway the strange thing is it seems just the 4 days in bupe and my tolerance is different , I've felt much more sedated and more of my opiates at a decreased level and this is first time I ever took subs .. I heard reduction of tolerance took months ????

    Back to original and MOST Important ? In this thread , after the amount of subs took , 12-16mg thurs, 8-10 mg fri, 4 mg sat , 2-3 mg sun, Monday 0 Mgs, my Pm appt is this coming tues , a week and a day from last sub dose , I was even going to try and get in today , in few hrs early , which being Monday , would be a week from last dose , last dose was one week from prior sun... So 7-8 days , Will or should I be clear I'm pretty sure they test for subs , I've done research seen everything from 72 hrs to 9-11 days but I'm sure this us diff depending on how long you've been taking it ...??? Any guidance would help , don't want to screw myself and if waiting a day will help I'm fine w/ it ?
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    Im not sure but I think drug testing questions aren't allowed here. However I would think that 11 days would only apply to chronic usage.

    But please dont take my word on it.

    Good luck.

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    As far as I know subs will be in your urine for awhile considering the average HL is ~36 hours.

    Idk about a week later. Do the HL math I guess.

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    No Drug Testing questions.

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    google that shit brehbreh

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    Ok Ironman, no drug testing questions, please do not make multiple posts. These are both against Bluelight Policy.
    Please read the BLUA in my signature. If you have any further questions please send me a Personal message and I'll be happy to help you with the way things work around here.

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