Thread: Purification of Heroin and Morphine.

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    Purification of Heroin and Morphine. 
    I was wondering how easy is it to purify H and how would it be done? Also would I be better turning it into H#4 before purifying?

    Another thing, how can one go about extracting and purifying morphine from MSContin's?

    Which would be easier and cheaper?

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    Are you talking about prepping them for IV use after you've extracted the diamorphine/morphine?

    For prepping pills you need to crush them up, dissolve them in cold water (otherwise poorly soluble cuts can dissolve too) and filter with a micron filter to remove all the filler/binder. If you don't then it can damage your veins, but more seriously it can also lodge in the air sacs in your lungs, leading to inflammation and scarring. This is a condition called talcosis or pneumoconiosis (also caused by coal dust amongst other things - "coal worker's lung") and is progressive and irreversible. It's akin to emphysema caused by cigarette smoking.

    The problem with MS Contins is they contain a waxy matrix. This makes prep hard and is horrible for your veins - IVing them really isn't a good idea. The oral bioabailability is pretty low (snorted even lower) so if you want to get the most bang for your buck, plugging is the best plan really. Otherwise eat 'em (crushed up as best you can).

    As for heroin, it very much depends on the cut. If it's insoluble then dissolving in water and filtering would remove most of it, but I'm sure there are soluble cuts too. There is a thread about it *here* which includes a guide to a tek on Erowid..
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