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    Gabapentin and Xanax (My personal experiment) 
    I have read many conflicting things about taking Gabapentin and Xanax (or other benzodiazepines) together. Some suggest that they compete for the same GABA receptors and actually block each other (which I don't believe is true from my own research), while others suggest that Gabapentin actually increases the amount of GABA receptors in your brain by binding with calcium channels, thus making the benzodiazepine more potent (in my case Alprazolam).

    ***I apologize for being inconsistent in this post by I use Xanax and Alprazolam interchangeable but am a little to fix it all now, Xanax is just a brand name for Alprazolam***

    Instead of researching this scientifically through literature, I decided I will simply experiment on my own since I have access to both.

    Night 1 (control):

    (7:00 PM) : Took 2mg of Xanax, and as I have almost no tolerance to benzos, I quickly felt that almost drunk effect and got fairly tired quickly. I was surprised that this feeling subsided relatively quickly in an hour or two.

    ~Since most should be familiar with taking 1 Xanax bar (2mg) I will not go into detail about the control night between 7PM and 11PM.

    (11:00 PM) : I no longer felt that drunk feeling but simply was tired and went to bed. I woke up at 6 AM and could not fall back to sleep, but was pleased with the experience (I usually wake up early anyway).

    Night 2 (Adding Gabapentin 600mg before):

    (10:00 PM) : As some suggest that Gabapentin increases the GABA receptors in the brain I obviously wanted to take the Gabapentin first. I ingested 600mg of Gabapentin at 10 PM, which seems like a low dose to some who have tried to use this drug recreationally, but from someone who has experience with it (I get 60 300mg a month on auto refill but do not take all them or take them regularly), I know that less is more with this drug. It is very strange but I have taken 2.4g of Gabapentin (2400mg) and felt almost nothing, yet also taken 600mg a different night and gotten a very significant pleasurable feeling from it. This is why that dosage was picked.

    (11:00 PM) : I then ingested the 2mg Xanax bar and waited to see if I felt any different than the night before. At this point I was beginning to feel the Gabapentin kicking in and felt a mellow glow even before ingesting the alprazolam.

    (11:10 PM) : Alprazolam tends to hit fast as it is used mostly to control panic attacks, within 10 minutes of ingestion I feel the Xanax begin to kick in. However this could also just be the Gabapentin buzz increasing.

    (11:20 PM) : Still feeling about the same ironically, no major alprazolam drunk feeling yet.

    (11:30 PM) : Definitely am starting to feel the Alprazolam kick in, however am so far unimpressed with the feeling. As of now I am beginning to believe that the Gabapentin may be hindering some of the Alprazolam's effects.

    (11:40 PM) : Okay now the Xanax is kicking in pretty nicely, I stand up and notice myself to be a little wobbly and feel the drunk like loopiness from the Alprazolam. I think staying laid down had masked some of the feelings. Ironically it is not making my super tired but instead just giving a very nice warm, mellow relaxation feeling. I can almost differentiate between the Gabapentin and the Alprazolam and the combination is fairly nice. I cannot, however, say so far that the Gabapentin has intensified to Xanax (although I feel awesome).

    (11:50 PM) : Feelings are intensifying for sure from the comfortable relaxation that xanax provides to more of a sloppy if I had a drink I would start hitting on any girl I could find and be slurring my speech and not remember any of it. Without the drink however I could hold myself together in a situation where I need to be cautious, but could definitely not drive safely or speak closely to important people about intelligent things.

    (12:00 AM) : I am really feeling the full effects now as max alprazolam concentrations occur in 1-2 hours. I would expect another small increase is effects over the next hour but this should be about the peak. So far I have concluded that Gabapentin taken before a benzodiazepine has a very, yet enjoyable interaction. They do not seem to be taking away any of the Xanax effects, but do not seem to be really potentiating them either as people have suggested. It's more just like the buzz from the Gabapentin + the buzz from the Alprazolam together as separates that make tonight slightly more euphoric and pleasurable than the control night. Just like let's say opiates and weed together produce an more advanced high, but they are not potentiating each other as hypothesized in this experiment. I will continue for another half hour to update to see if anything changes.

    (12:30 AM) : Maybe I a m beginning to change my mind because I feel fairly more intoxicated on the bar than usual, Definitely could fall asleep any second now, but will try and stay up to report more.

    (1:00 AM : Will now fall asleep because I feek like a zombie, however the buzz us quick nice still

    Conclusion: I found the Gabapentin to have little effect on the benzos, but the two drugs together definitely mix just like any other two would symptomatically but not necessarily chemically.

    I would like to hear any other experiences with this.

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    i've often mixed both pregabalin and gabapentin with benzos, sometimes just for fun, often to control my anxiety. i find pregabalin vastly superior in this regard, and in fact even though i have a high base tolerance, about 1200-1500mg an hour prior to ingestion of alprazolam (3-5mg) will do me nicely, wheras if i take the alprazolam alone it is still effective but i need a higher dose to achieve the anxiolysis this combination brings.
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    I use gabapentin for my muscle pain 75mg 2x a day and they seem to work well, If i am in hardcore pain i use them and mix it with 2 5mg valium and 3 percocet. 5/325s. I was on Xanax as well but I am not a big benzo fan, so I stopped.

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    I'm going to close this. I'll send you a PM including your original post and you can reformat it and post it in Trip Reports because though I understand this was done as an expirament it still is ultimately the reported experience of a drug combination. You should make sure to read the Forum Guidelines.

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