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    Mecke and Marquis Color change 
    Swim tested a pill with mecke then marquis. Brown color change is mecke and the yellow change is marquis. Does anyone know what this is?


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    No SWIMing here, it doesn't protect you and it just looks stupid. Hop on out of the pool

    Yellow marquis almost always means some kind of cathinone, that means it could be MDPV, methylone, butylone, mephedrone or like 100 other chemicals. Sorry man, we can't really say for sure.

    What I CAN tell you for sure, is that that is NOT MDMA and belongs in the trash! You buy a reagent so you don't have to take adulterated chemicals.... so use it!!

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    Substance id isnt allowed.... check here.

    Its really anyones guess... the only way youll know is to send some to ecstasydata

    Thread closed - substance id - the toad

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