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    Poppy Seed Tea, insight to improve? 
    SWIM made their first batch of poppy seed tea today after reading the guides on these forums, using 3 bottles of Spice Island poppy seeds (about 7oz,210g). They poured them in a 2 liter bottle, filling it with room temperature water to height about an inch above the top of them, adding a squirt of lemon juice, vigorously shaking it for 2 min, and letting it sit for about 40 min. By slightly opening the cap and squeezing out the water, they had a glass half full of cloudy yellow-brown water, which they imbibed. About an hour into it they were definitely feeling something, although they thought it was fairly weak. They have some ideas about how to improve, and were looking for other's recent insights (the original guide had other's thoughts, but many contradicted each other).

    - Find an organic grocery store that sells off brand, unwashed poppy seeds (is Trader Joe's considered organic?. lol)
    - Use at least 300g of poppy seeds.

    Would it be better for them to use hot, room temp, or cold water? Would shaking it more often help?

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    room temp or cold is fine. One to two minutes of shaking is all that is needed but your problem was that you let them sit for 40 minutes. When this happens the seeds will absorb the water aka your morphine/codeine/thebaine and friends. Do not let it sit, drain right away and you will have a much better result.
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