Thread: Is there a drug test kit for molly?

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    Is there a drug test kit for molly? 
    My buddy has a bag of chrystals and says that it is meth. He said that he used a test kit that came up positive for methamphetamine. I was under the impression that mdma also came up false positive or even positive for meth. The bag is just clear crystals, it looks like sugar.
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    What test did your friend use?

    Using the Marquis test kit an MDMA sample is supposed to turn black or at least deep purple/blue in under 3 seconds, methamphetamine is supposed to show up as quite a different colour than MDMA - meth should be like an orange or brown colour. I'm not sure what happens when you have a mix of both meth and MDMA though. And of course in order to be 100% certain you would need to send it to a lab for gas chromatography mass spectrometry testing.

    I have heard of urine drug tests not being able to differentiate between methamphetamine and some other drugs, but I'm not sure about substance reagent test kits. Test kits aren't perfect and they can sometimes give false positives or inconclusive results, especially if there is a lot of cut in the substance (especially the less specific tests like Simon), but I've never heard of there being a widespread problem with MDMA specifically falsely testing positive for methamphetamine on reagent tests. I have heard of mephedrone and other drugs testing positive for methamphetamine on a methamphetamine reagent test like the Simon test. Is that the one your friend used?

    Is there a reason you think it could be MDMA? Like was it sold to you as MDMA or something? Or were you hoping it was MDMA and not meth or vice versa?

    Here is a site with an MDMA identification guide, but bear in mind that just from looking at a substance you can't be sure, but it might possibly help you rule it in or out.

    Here is the EZ Test kit for MDMA (and other substances):

    Quote Originally Posted by spongle1987
    I was under the impression that mdma also came up false positive or even positive for meth.
    I don't quite understand what you mean by that. If a substance was pure MDMA and it tested "positive" for methamphetamine then it would always be a false positive. That's what false positive means, when a sample gets a positive test result for a substance that is not actually in the sample. If the sample did contain meth but also had other substances in it, then it wouldn't be a false positive, it would simply be detecting the presence of meth in the sample.
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    I've never heard of any of the test kits having a problem identifying MDXX from a straight amphetamine, but without know what test was used it's impossible to say.

    I guess it may be possible for a using test to show a general positive for amphetamines and MDXX to be identified as such, but that's not what you asking, which is good since we can't really get into that subject here.

    Ask your friend what test they used and what colour or reaction led them to believe they had MDXX and not Meth
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    ok it was the marquis test kit and it did turn up the color indicated for meth, but yes it was sold to them as pure mdma. Idk to be honest with you the chrystals in the bag looked really transparent and just really pretty....nothing something ive seen from usual street quality meth.
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    I'm going to move this over to Ecstasy Discussion.

    BDD --> ED
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