Thread: Did something stupid, is it "ruined" now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluLait View Post
    I tried explaining this shit to them, but they don't really give a fuck. One of them actually admitted to me that he's addicted to E-pills and MDMA, he rolls every weekend or whenever he can. He said he can never have enough MDMA at his house.
    That is the saddest thing of all... I mean, I was using MDMA and methamphetamine together for long periods of time as often as I could, that makes a lot more sense for an addiction to come out... but just MDMA? Damn.

    These people are going to pay a very high price for it you just can't help some people though...

    Quote Originally Posted by tricomb View Post
    I think I've completely lost the magic, I doubt it will ever come back, and I don't think I'll even try MDMA again because I know it's not going to work, every time I've tried since stopping, the molly makes me feel good but nowhere near anything I'd call a roll. Ehh, TBH I've moved on.
    Are you testing it? Like 6-8 months after my abuse, I tried rolling again with 100mg MDA and 50 or so of MDMA, best roll I've had since I started. But yeah, even then it seemed like something was "missing" from the roll.
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    How's your comedown buddy?

    I gotta imagine it's even worse than how I used to feel after 72+ hour Mephedrone binges!!!

    Don't be so silly next time! Of course your tolerance isn't ruined forever, but I'd say keep away for a few months.
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    Drugs (especially ones as powerful as MDMA) can leave permanent imprints upon your consciousness, but I think that for most people, there is always a path to recovery and a path towards self-actualization. You might not be able to achieve the same serotonin levels that you previously possessed, but the serotonin level, is really just a high and a sensation, and is independent of your ability to think abstractly and conceptualize goals. The problem most people have is the inability to separate their emotionality from their rationality, and when you binge on MDMA your short-circuited emotionality can infuse your everyday actions, making it impossible to rationalize and think clearly. If you were foolish enough to let MDMA fuck up your circuitry permanently, well that sucks, but get over it, don't make the same mistake, and think of other ways you can lead a fulfilling life. This doesn't have to be just emotional fulfillment, although I imagine that it is important for MDMA users (given the drugs nature), and other endeavors may not seem nearly as attractive in comparison, but once again, it is not close to the only way to lead a fulfilling life.

    If Helen Keller can become a world-famous author/speaker you have no right to say that your previous binges on MDMA has prevented you from fulfilling your destiny ;D
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    Well said Animus, well said.
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