Thread: Now schoolchildren are snorting their ADHD medication.

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    Now schoolchildren are snorting their ADHD medication. 
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    Now schoolchildren are snorting their ADHD medication. Why didn't America see this coming?

    The New York Times has finally woken up to America's biggest unacknowledged drug problem: the massive overprescription of the amphetamine drug Adderall for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Kids have been selling each other this powerful – and extremely moreish – mood enhancer for years, as ADHD diagnoses and prescriptions for the drug have shot up.

    Now, children are snorting the stuff, breaking open the capsules and ingesting it using the time-honoured tool of a rolled-up bank note.

    The NYT seems to think these teenage drug users are interested in boosting their grades. It claims that, for children without ADHD, "just one pill can jolt them with the energy focus to push through all-night homework binges and stay awake during exams afterward".

    Really? There are two problems with this.

    First, the idea that ADHD kids are "normal" on Adderall and its methylphenidate alternative Ritalin – gentler in its effect but still a psychostimulant – is open to question. Reading this scorching article by the child psychologist Prof L Alan Sroufe, who says there's no evidence that attention-deficit children are born with an organic disease, or that ADHD and non-ADHD kids react differently to their doctor-prescribed amphetamines. Yes, there's an initial boost to concentration, but the effect wears off – and addiction often takes its place.

    Second, the school pupils illicitly borrowing or buying Adderall aren't necessarily doing it to concentrate on their work. They're doing it to get high.

    Full article:
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    Now? ... I was doing this every morning before history class with 10mg CEBA ritalin tabs (which are made for snorting if you ask me) ... I fucking KILLED history!

    I didn't like it as much, but at the same time everyone else was crushing dexamphetamine beads and snorting those... If it were not for ADHD meds I wouldn't have been introduced to cocaine or amphetamines at such a young age (14) ... Seeing 15 year old kids in amphetamine psychosis is pretty startling so basically my whole school stopped aside from a few kids who traded together... EVERYONE was doing that shit though, skinheads crouched in the bushes with the prom queen and an asian kid snorting amphetamines.... kinda beautiful actually.
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    Hasn't this been going on for years? It's so ridiculously easy to get Ritalin prescriptions...
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    Hell, I am getting a ritalin prescription next time I am at the doctors simply because it is one of the cleanest feeling and light weight day-to-day stimulants I can think of... It is not severely addictive and is honestly less jittery than coffee.
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    OK 16-year-olds are not schoolchildren. I just have to mention that. Show me an 11-year-old (cut-off for CHILDREN IME) that insufflates an amphetamine.
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    ^ Do 12 year olds count? That's when I first started snorting speed lol
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    Apparently I have ADD/ADHD. I tried snorting 15mg of Methodicalness one night once when I was a teenager. It was not a stimulant to me. I did not like the drip which made me feel as though I had bad allergies. I just stayed up and read a book and then later that night fell asleep. That's the only drug I've ever snorted and it just showed me how I hate putting powder up my nose. I was prescribed Adderall/Dexedrine but I never snorted those.
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    My sons talks to much!
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    It's the teenagers choice if they take the Cognitive Stimulants (Ritalin/Adderal/Etc.) orally or "sniff". When I was a teenager I took adderal. Of course not prescribed to me, but it helped me get through my classes in school and to get me where I am now. My views on Ritalin and Adderal are different becuase they can help you. Why not get the extra help if you really think you need it.
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    I got prescribed various stimulants (Vyvanse and Focalin) and tried Ritalin and Adderall. Adderall I would buy fairly often cause I could get it for cheap. I would totally snort it. I would eat a 30mg and then redose by blowing lines and eating more. I was definitely aware that people snorted drugs and so I tried it with adderall though for some reason, at that age, I was paying attention to the difference. I had been using drugs for less than a a year and stims were the first I tried beyond tobacco, alcohol or marijuana. I believe I was 17 when I got into them.

    I do have ADD though and they did help for a while until I developed anxiety and depression from the usage of these various stims.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Folley View Post
    ^ Do 12 year olds count? That's when I first started snorting speed lol
    Not 12-year-olds that are smart enough to experiment with drugs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Network View Post
    OK 16-year-olds are not schoolchildren. I just have to mention that. Show me an 11-year-old (cut-off for CHILDREN IME) that insufflates an amphetamine.
    I was also 12 when I started snorting ritalin on a daily basis for school :P
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