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    acetaminophen 300mg/ codeine phosphate 30 mg 
    i found 6 pills that are white and round, with a 3 on one side and an M in a square box on the other. I googled it and identified it as acetaminophen/codeine phosphate 300mg/30mg. Can these pills be used to get high and if so, how many should be taken?
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    I'm not a mod but I'm pretty sure that "can I get high off this" questions are not allowed on the board. If you're certain that what you have are Tylenol 3's, and want to use codeine recreationally, you best read up on how to do a Cold water extraction, which will prevent the liver damage that high doses of acetaminophen can cause.

    Codeine is an opioid. It is addictive, like all opioids, and though it is one of the weaker ones I can say that it will nonetheless cause withdrawals if you get into a habit of using it and they're not too fun. If you have never used an opiate before, 30-60mg should have some effect. The lethal dose of Codeine is set at around 800mg, though I would not recommend going even close to that especially if its your first time. I started out on doses of 30mg or so, then it turned into 80, and eventually turned into 250mg as I used it more and more.

    If you are used to a different opiate, like say oxycodone, you're probably not gonna find codeine worth much as a recreational drug. Some people hate it, some people love it.

    Do not snort the pills or and do not under any circumstances try to inject them. This will not increase the high and can be very very dangerous. Codeine was made to be taken orally. As an oral drug it is converted into morphine and another opiate compound in the body, with much of the high coming after the drug has metabolized. Thus it takes awhile to kick in, say an hour or so. Some people's bodies cannot break down the pills into morphine which leads to a lack of effect.

    I wouldn't honestly recommend getting into opiates at all, but obviously they are popular for a reason.

    The other thing I'd say is that it's still risky taking pills if you don't know for sure what they are, the internet is not really a substitute for the bottle the pills come in.

    Hope that helps.
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    We don't do pill identification here at Bluelight, nor are we here to help you get high.

    For codeine, I recommend slowly titrating your dose up, probably keeping it under 120mg total (not all at once) for your first time, you never know how you're going to react to a medication, especially one you're not prescribed. Out of all the opiates/opioids codeine carries more side effects than most of them, partially due to it being a naturally occurring opiate alkaloid.

    Be aware that the acetaminophen is horrible for your liver and that you'll likely want to perform a cold water extraction
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    With codeine, if it is, indeed, codeine, a good starting dose for an opiate-naive individual would be 90 mg. As stated by tricomb, however, codeine does carry a lot of side-effect potential relative to other opiates. There are a good number of people who are allergic to it, some severely. But, this can be decieving because codeine will almost certainly cause itchiness and possibly redness. Some people do not respond to codeine very well at all due to a dysfunction of the metabolization of the liver from codeine into morphine, and the other opioid responsible for some of its action, the name of which I cannot recall now. Others respond to codeine particularly well, as their liver metabolizes the codeine into more morphine than that of an average liver. I do enjoy codeine myself, and do not think it should be underestimated as an opiate, which it often is.
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