Thread: mpdv/mephedrone/pyrovalerone metal cleaner aka 99 mph power?

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    mpdv/mephedrone/pyrovalerone metal cleaner aka 99 mph power? 
    I recently purchased this product "99 mph Power/metal cleaner". Apparently it is methylendioxyproverone (MPDV) mephedrone and pyrovalrone. I iv this but notice that when i leave it unattended in my rig the solution turns back into a solid. i just resolute and shoot. i am just curious if anyone has had any horror stories slamming the shit? Is it just the cut put on the store bought shit thats causing this or is it not meant to be shot in its pure form?
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    There's plenty of horror stories concerning MDPV and people shooting the stuff/otherwise binging. Often to do with the crippling psychosis the stuff causes if you hammer it. A prominent member of bluelight, ektamine, lost his life due to MDPV and the psychosis it gave him. Be very careful please, there's a deep rabbit hole to fall down with this one.
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    why people are still buying bath salt mixes for 500% inflated prices and 50% quality is beyond me.
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    have u thought about the fact that when u turn it back into liquid , then stick it in ur veins , its going to turn solid again , so ur gonna have solids floating around in ur veins . same way as with with (correct me if im wrong) but over time some of it recrystalises in ur veins .
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    If it was as bad as you say there, I'm pretty sure he would have had a heart attack by now. I take it the stuff eventually gets absorbed and sweated out/otherwise excreted.
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    I was horrified just reading yer' post...
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    Yeah and i was horrified having to post it as well.
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    MDPV, imo, is the "devil's drug".....compulsive urge to re-dose even though it's not that euphoric....WORST psychosis i've ever been first two or three times feels alright and then after 24 hours of being come demon people, devils, wierd characters trying to kill you.'s the "scariest" shit i have ever been through.

    There are "glass cleaners" available in my state (Arizona) in every smoke shop but they are all 4-fa....and even that is pretty fucked up (not as bad as mdpv)

    If what you have is MDPV be fucking careful man...this shit brought to my knees (literally) quicker than any drug....scary shit
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