Thread: what exactly does molly look like?

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    what exactly does molly look like? 
    I'm wondering because I've had such varied experiences from varying appearances. For example, the last stuff i had is a clean white powder that i'm fairly sure is mostly pure mdma only because i had such a clean roll that was one of the hardest one's I've ever had and a minimal comedown, while I've had a beige powder that was pretty bad and later turned out to be cut with a mild amount of meth.

    from pictures on erowid it seems pure molly in crystal form is an off-white beigeish color. I remember my first experience with MDMA being with yellowish crystals that look similar to pure MDMA and now the main reason I'm writing this thread is I happened to come across what i was told to be 1.5 pts of pure molly. the appearance is clear crystals which is also how pure meth looks like right? also i thought a point of MDMA is generally half of a common gelcap, what i have is maybe 1/4-1/3.

    I just want to be safe with it and make sure i don't do F'n meth again.

    I don't have a reagent test kit or the ability to get one.

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    There is no way to tell just by looking at it mate, you need to test it.

    This is samples of MDMA I have had recently, since you seem unable to get a test kit.




    I reiterate though, you cannot tell if something is MDMA just by looking at it, you need to test it. I would also be wary of buying powder over crystal.

    MDMA can vary in colour, I've had yellow, brown, clear, off white....
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    I don't have a reagent test kit or the ability to get one.
    Im sure you can get one if you really try.
    Im sorry that they arent more readily available to you.

    I am going to close this thread though, because i dont want people to come on this thread and look at pics and think as long as it looks like them colour crystals it will be mdma,

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