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    withdrawing SUCKS but this may help... a little 
    3 years of oxycintin, snorting heroin, and suboxone films. The last month of my addiction was all about the sobo film @ 2mg. Did a fast wean at the beginning of May and am now on day 8.
    Withdrawals SUCK BAD, but in a bizarre way they make me happy cuz i know my body is healing.
    My biggest prob is lack of energy and heaviness in my muscles, but here's whats been a huge help for me :
    -one glass of orange juice (calcium, energy, vitamins)
    -one banana (pottasium for muscles VERY IMPORTANT)
    -multi vitamin/multi mineral
    -bee pollen (recommended by my pharmacist for energy and muscle weakness, helpful w opiate withdrawals)
    **i may begin L-Lysine vitamins too. This is found in certain amino acids and help your body make and release dopamine.
    -WATER & EXCERCISE. this is key. I hate both of them right now even though im a naturally active person. The water is hard to go down cuz of my suppressed appetite and my energy is sooo low for excercise but i force myself to do both. WATER- dehydration is a huge part of withdrawals plus water will cleans your body of toxins. EXCERCISE- even if its just a walk around the block, the more your heart pumps the better job it will do at cleaning your body out PLUS the sooner your brain will wake up and remember once again how to produce ENDORPHINES (it hasn't had to for a looong time cuz the opiates did it for me)
    gatorade (contains electrolytes, keep u hydrated.
    more excercise! Sometimes i just hop from foot to foot for a few minutes, hey whatever works.
    Hot shower to warm my muscles
    Still drinking water, maybe more gatorade. By now i have munched on fruits/veggies throughout the day, had protein (even peanut butter on a slice of toast is good), and somewhere during the day i add a pack of 'carnation breakfast essentials' to a glass of milk... my body needs nutrients! Also another short walk
    Hour and a half before bed i take 2 mg Melatonin to naturally help sleep (on really bad nights where sleep is impossible try benedryl or some other antihystimine)
    Just before sleep a scolding hot shower to warm/relax those muscles

    yes, all the things i do during the day help and im proud i am being pro-active in my recovery, but ACUTE WITHDRAWAL SUCKS!
    Muscles replaced by sandbags
    emotional/ depressed
    Sneezing, sneezing, sneezing!
    Sensitivity to temp change (cool breeze pricks my skin)
    Clammy, cold sweats
    Kicky-Legs! and if course 'jello-legs'
    Chills.... in the summer? Yep.
    sleep deprevation
    AND diarrhea. A fan fav (btw, i read that IMMODIUM helps ease symptoms cuz it contains opiate-like ingredients but it slows recovery so i for one stay away, i want this over as fast as i can!)

    Its not about good days and bad days, its good minutes and bad minutes. I will have a moment of instant clarity and feel fabulous then 20 minutes later hit a brick wall.
    I dont know how long this will last. Another week? A month? 3 Months? I only know there is no way in hell i am gonna cave and get high just to feel better again. I dont ever want to go thru withdrawals again...EVER!

    Why do i call myself 'happywithdrawals'? Cuz i'm not dead. And every crappy feeling i am having is my body healing and a daily reminder of what a complete ass i was for doing this to myself for the past 3 years
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    Quote Originally Posted by happywithdrawals View Post
    a daily reminder of what a complete ass i was for doing this to myself for the past 3 years
    I told myself the same thing brother. Stick to your guns. Going back would mean every minute of pain you suffered was in vain. I know how you're feeling and every minute, as you say, is a struggle. Every minute, i would tell myself, also brings you one step closer to no longer suffering... Welcome to bluelight. I just joined the community yesterday myself. This place has a ton of people that are willing to help and have been through similar experiences.
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    Thanx! How long u been clean?

    Also, just wanna stress how critical the BEE POLLEN has been- HUGE! And its no wonder why, i just checked out all the active benefits on and now i wish i'd been taking this all along. Plus i spoje of maybe trying out Lysine but i dont have to now cuz its already active in the B.P.

    And FYI- im a chick, "bro"...
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    happywithdrawals, welcome to Bluelight!

    This forum (New Member Introductions) is more suited for just an introduction thread. Your post is a lot more topic specific and because of this, I'm going to move it over to Other Drugs - our forum that deals mostly with opiate discussion (and opiate WD discussion).

    You are more than welcome to create a general introduction thread in New Member Introductions telling us more about yourself and introducing yourself to the community, however

    NMI --> OD
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    Quote Originally Posted by happywithdrawals View Post
    -WATER & EXCERCISE. this is key. I hate both of them right now even though im a naturally active person. The water is hard to go down cuz of my suppressed appetite and my energy is sooo low for excercise but i force myself to do both.
    HOW do you "force youself"? The absolute last thing I feel like doing while in withdrawal is exercising, and the idea of drinking water is repulsive to me. I can barely force myself to have a shower. I know this is all part of an instinct called "sickness behaviour" and that these things would actually be good for me, but I just can't bear the idea of doing them. Any advice?
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    Withdrawals SUCK BAD, but in a bizarre way they make me happy cuz i know my body is healing.
    I know what you mean. This is how I've got through acute WDs in the past. The problem I've had was after that.

    All through the pain of acute withdrawals I tell myself that I'm getting better and I can't wait to be healthy again. But when I have finished the acute detox I find that I have a healthy clean body and a desolate mind. Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome is the part I haven't figured out how to handle yet. My life goal is moderation rather than total abstinence.

    But I'm gonna stop stinking up your thread with my crap and say 'keep up the good work!!'.

    I like your username and reason for choosing it. It's a good way of looking at it. I hope you keep getting stronger and healthier and that life becomes new and better than it ever has been before.
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    Swim- seriously go get that bee pollen! I took my first bit yesterday and it made a huge difference! Its not magical, it wont cure u and end it but the bee pollen specifically counteracts most withdrawal symptoms. As for the days before, i just got angry enough and MADE myself walk. Often i would come home still feeling heavy, but sometimes-even for a moment- i would feel better. The thing u need to remember is your brain and body have been asleep for a long time. The drugs did all the work; releasing endorphines for you, dopamine for you, all of that. Plus while the drugs were doing all that good stuff they were equally working hard to destroy u. They were poisoning ur body and stripping away essential nutrients from your bones and muscles (like potassium from ur muscles which is why i gag down that awful banana everyday)
    Today is day 9 for me. After a crappy CRAPPY week i feel better, i am positive the bee pollen helped. Go to (i think thats the right address, u may need to adjust it a bit). Its natural, it will wake up your endorphines and may even make u smile i actually cleaaned my house yesterday! Now THATS progress! Please keep me posted, i will do everything i can to help u thru it because it does have an ending! I expect my struggle will be ongoing but fortunately i now seem to be 'addicted' to recovery. One hour at a time swim, thats all u can do.

    Halif: i have been a social drug user for over 2 decades, moderation has always been good to me. Until a coupl years ago when i found myself surrounded by what seemed like aan endless supply of whatever i needed. I always say Go Big Or Go Home...evidentally thats not always the best idea! Fortunately right now i am too pissed off at the drugs for making me this sick and miserable that i dont want to touch them again. Why would i? I cant stay on them the rest of my life and im sure as hell not goin thru this again!

    Best to both of you
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    Whenever i read one of thesse posts, the Song Alkaline Trio - Hating ever minute pops into my head.

    Im dreading going through the suboxone wd's. Not sure when i'll hit the 1mg mark and im told after that is when it gets hard. Does this Bee Pollen really make that much of a difference? this is my first time hearing about bee pollen for wd's. My wd Arsenal would always have Benzo's for sleep, Catapress ( Clonodine ) if i can find it, hoping the proporonol will be just as useful since i've saved it. Immodium maby Definitely IbuProfin. And a couple other Nsaids like Ap.Ap even though i dont wanna further tourture my liver or Noproxen. I did notice after the inital wd's in detox's that exercise got me through alot and kept me feeling good about myself because i started to see and notice changes in my psyical appreance. Gaining weight and strength. I was actually thinking about this after i went onto bupe mat. I was like ok so rehabs an detox's use rapid detoxes using sub or done, phenobarbital or benzo's such as valium or Klonopin. and Ibupoffen bental for throwing up and stomach sickness not sure if bentel is over the counter or not here im america. But was i was thnking is what am i goingg to do when im ready to get off sub becuase that's what most places are using now for detox unless the tolorance is too high and sub isnt working they'll use done. well some places just use Don or Sub no matter what and tell you that's all that can be done for you. Being im muiltiple rehabs i've learned this not to be true. My point being, this guy is surely worried when it comes time for me to drop sub completely because im not sure how well my kit will help or i can even get my hands on phenobarb, people don't sell that shit haha. Maybe I'll call a rehab or detox and see what they have to say.

    Best of luck to you and congrats for having the balls to continue your recovery. Going on sub mat both a blessing and a curse for me. It's the only thing ive done differnent and ive now been clean almost 2 years clean from all abusivie or illegal drugs ( used for recreation or junkie purposes anyway ) and now im at the spot where im read to start cutting the sub and it's scary. I cut from 12mgs down to 4mgs now. Which is where i plan on staying for a week or 2 then to 2mgs. Once i get to 2mgs is when im going to really get scared because the next drop is the one that's going to be scary.

    Sorry for the rant, just in a similar thing, just in future time, be safe,
    - B
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    New/Army- if i had done it different i woukd have weaned slower from the subs. I went from 2mg then for one week i took 1 mg, then last 2 days i tool half mg, then i jumped. A little to much of a shock to my system and its been a crappy 8 days. BUT yes, the bee pollen is GREAT! It reminds your bidy to produce all those fun chemicals the drug produced but naturally. I now call it "bee crack" dont get me wrong, i am still suffering muscle weakness, cold sweats, and a few other mild symptoms but compared to where i was before the pollen, i feel like a million bucks! Well, maybe a thousand bucks- but i'll take it!
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    SERIOUSLY U GUYS! I CLEANED MY HOUSE YESTERDAY! That isnt miraculous recovery, that was the bee pollen! I took twice what it said and got a little nauseous later but i had a ton more energy than i had in a week. Today i took the right amount (which is only 3 little pcs if u buy the granuals) and i feel a bit sluggish still but i still managed a liad of laundry and i made my bed! Its funny how these little tasks make a recovering addict feel so accomplished!

    FYI- my pharmacist told me to take the granuals because the capsules contain Ginseng which could make those in our situation jittery... which if your like me, i hate jitters esp now! With my double dose yesterday i did feel jittery but i also had coffee si that may be why. Today i drank a glass if water and that god awful banana and i feel fine tummy-wise.
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    Hmm very intresting. I talked to me dr yesterday about stuff and hes like completely outt there. he talking to me sayin taking suboxone at 24mgs is vital at first and that it wont effec the brain like opiods or opiates, i said Sir isnt buprenorphine quite a strong opoid? he said ues but it doesnt do to the brain what H and other oids or metabolites. Bold face lie. Basically was trying to co convince me that suboxone won't continue the progression of opiod dependance. I didntt want to argue because i do respect he put his time in to become an MD and more time for addiction theraoy but stikk found it odd that i was being lied too.
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    Honestly, my doc sucks at this fact where i am (Maine) docs have ti be certified to prescribe this and there arent many in the southern area.
    I was still feeling sluggish and heavy si i just took 3 more bee granuals and aa scolding hot shower and now i feel peaceful, relaxed and content. Maybe even slightly happy. 24 mg is alot of sobo! Alot of addicts i know were only taking 8mg twice a day and i was fine at only 2 mg sometimes twice a day but didnt always have to take that second one. But everyone is different. I was only doing one bundle of heroin a day on average or 40mg oxycontin before that habit. My body could easily handle more but my wallet couldnt..thank God! I bought the sobo films off the street, they were 8 mg each and would last me a few days. But, my body is different because even tho its suppose to block any opiates used, i didnt block it for me cuz i would still get a bun and feel great after snorting it. I never used needles so that could make a difference in the mg needed but 24 still sounds like alot to me. I hear large doses like that in other feeds here, 16 seems average, but my addiction and the amount i was using prob pales in comparison to some
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    happywithdrawals is dead-on with the bee pollen. A buddy of mine bought a huge jar of it, telling me that he uses it as a mood boost, a focus boost and for energy. I was doubtful and skeptical as hell, but I ate a big scoop of it and a) not only does it actually taste pretty damn good) but b) it WORKS! I was really, really impressed with the stuff. I then went and got my own jar of it and would mix it into smoothies and whatnot. The stuff really works. It's incredible for a mood and energy boost. I swear by it to this day! I'm definitely going to have it on hand for when I come off of Suboxone!
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    I love it! Day 9, i shouldnt be feeling this good! Dont get me wrong, a huge part of mej still wants to lay around and take breaks, but "bee-crack" gives me that push i need to get my body moving. I am very excited about my find! Nature's best kept secret

    For those curious, it
    -makes/releases endorphines, dopamine,
    -eases depression (actually makes u smile for no apparent reason)
    -eases anxiety
    -cuts cravings
    And a bunch else but i forget, look it up

    BUT follow directions than adjust accordingly, dont go to crazy on it, u still need ur brain/bidy to do most the work otherwise u might as well just stay on the sobos
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    Brain/body.... (not bidy) geesh
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    Day 10- woke up at 3 am very alert in mind and body but made myself go back to sleep. When i woke back up a few hours later feeling very very heavy. Took my multi vit/multi min plus bee pollen, orange juice & banana and feel a ton better. I may have over done it yesterday, the bee pollen gives alot of energy and eases the "sandbag" feeling in muscles so yesterday i went for quite a few walks and even a bike ride... not for long on either, but the fact that i was able to at all is HUGE.
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