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    Shake and Bake Help 
    So I attempted a shake and bake method and believe I got a little mariatic acid in it my end result is a white dampish powder. When you try to smoke it, you can kinda taste the acid. My question, Is it suppose to look like that? If not how can I get crystals from it and remove that acid taste? It also has a distinct smell that usual dope does not have. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you

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    We do not allow synthesis discussion on Bluelight.

    Shake and Bake is extremely dangerous, and a shitty way overall to make methamphetamine. If you are not intelligent enough to perform a complete synthesis, using proper labware and following procedure, let alone having trouble with "shake and bake", I would advise you stop cooking before you blow up.

    Thread Closed, read the BLUA and OD Guidelines.

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