Thread: Can u snort crystal meth?

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    Can u snort crystal meth? 
    I know u can snort crank/gas/speed. whatever they call straight meth or meth that has been cut. but can u snort crystal meth/ice/glass/shards/meth has been crystallized?

    Ive only shot it or put some water in the bag & drunk it. I wont shoot & wants to try snorting it.
    Ive heard that if it's crystal ya have to cut it with something to snort it. If u do have to cut it with something what would be a good substance to mix it with?
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    Yes you can definitely snort it as it is.

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    Yes you can snort crystal meth. I have done that but I of course cut it with a razor so I could rail it. I didn't add anything to it but just to let you know it burns like a motherfucker.

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    Oh yeah and it lasts a long time. Way better than smoking it IMO. Just respect it. Don't keep snorting line after line or you'll be up for days.

    Just get a dollar bill and scrape a card over it which will make it powdery. It will burn for a bit. Do small skinny lines.

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    Yeah it lasts a long time. Except you don't get that amazing rush that you would get when smoking it.

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    I like snorting gives me a huge rush, but I dont snort it anymore. I did a hotline the other day.......that gave me a good rush. I personally dont get a huge rush when I smoke, but the hotline was great!

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    To finalize this: yes it's possible. Chop it up fine.

    Closed, PM me with any queries.

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