Thread: Naive question about vicks inhaler.

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    Naive question about vicks inhaler. 
    Hey guys is it possible to remove the inside of the vicks inhaler and dip in acidic solution such as lemon juice, and drink it to receive speedy like effects, and if so would that pick up on a hair testing drug testing system.
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    Cheers guys any help would be much appreciated.
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    Vicks inhaler? They contain levomethamphetamine which is an isomer of methamphetamine but does not have any central nervous system action so therefore is not recreational and doesn't have the same effects as meth by a long shot. It's not worth it. It can give you a physiological response (vasoconstriction, which is how it works, increased HR etc) but none of the mental effects.. no point at all in trying it, sorry.

    No drugs testing questions allowed sorry, read the guidelines in my sig
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    Many chemicals have "isomers"
    Methamphetamine is one of them
    In this chemical there is a d- isomer, and l- isomer, basically 2 chemicals that are the exact same, but are mirror images of each other (example: your hands)

    racemic methamphetamine is 50% d-methamphetamine 50% l-methamphetamine

    d-meth is the extremely potent dopamine releasing agent

    l-meth has negligible dopamine release, but it is a norepinephrine releasing agent

    Conclusion: There is no recreational value from consuming the l-meth in Vick's inhalers

    Fun Fact: Meth made from pseudoephedrine (the most popular method) only produces d-methamphetamine, no l-methamphetamine is created
    That being said, almost all meth on the USA's streets is d-meth, with no l-meth
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    I think the OPs info is just a little out of date, way back Vicks Inhalers contained Benzedrine, this is no longer the case and hasn't been for sometime, I don't know the date but it certainly isn't the case these days.
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