Thread: Do u have to cook up coke before ya shoot it?

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    Do u have to cook up coke before ya shoot it? 
    I asked this Q in another thread but im not getting many answers. im sure many BL's have shot coke before & im wondering u u ahve to cook it up on a spoon to help it dissolve.

    ive nver had coke before & im going to snort 100mg to see how i react.

    Ive shot heroin, oxy & meth before but yet to even try coke but after i snort it i wanna try shooting it.
    if the 100mg i snort feels weak i'll shoot 100mg ever half an hr. if snorting it was really strong i'll only shoot 50mg every half an hr
    I hope these dosages are correct. so tell me if it's to much

    anyways my main Q is. do u have to cook it up over a spoon like ppl do with black tar h?

    sorry mods i know this is kinda the same thread as i made before but i need to know if u have to cook it up.

    sorry again mods if this is to similar to my other thread but nobody told me whether i need to cook it up

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    You just need to dissolve it in cold water and filter the shot. Cocaine HCl is soluble in room temperature water, you don't need to heat it. 100mg sounds a bit high for a first whack to me, I've not injected coke but I might start at 50 if I were you.

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    Cocaine hcl is freely soluble in room temperature water. There is no need to heat it as this will contribute to allowing cuts to dissolve.

    Rule of thumb is to not heat any IV solution for the above reason, even when working with a pure product as when a super-saturated solution cools some of the substance will precipitate.

    EDIT: Vader beat me to it.

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    I'd add to the above: use ice water as it better dissolve the cocaine hence better purifying your shot. Cooking it could cause the cut to bind to the cocaine and possibly poison your system, I would guess. In any case, don't cook it. Use ice water to dissolve.

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    i got a drug problem: i need twice the amount to get fucked off them.
    ^Dude dosnt need ice water man.. I hear what you're saying but dude is just having his first coke shot. Just throw the coke into some room temp water, ideally saline, filter it and pump it into a vein.

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    If you don't get the response you're looking for, re-pose the question again in the pre-existing thread rather than make a new one please.

    If you had a completely different question, that would likely be okay - but again if you already have a discussion generated, stick with that one.

    Thank you in advance.

    Closed, PM me with any queries.

    My 2c - use a micron filter as well to keep the insoluble crap out of your veins, don't heat it, and start low.

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