Thread: Remeron (mirtazapine). Good days bad nightmares.

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    Remeron (mirtazapine). Good days bad nightmares. 
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    Remeron has been the ONLY effective anti-depressant I have ever taken. I know meds aren't going to solve my problems but they can keep me alive while I work on those problems. And believe me I'm doing my part.

    I love the munchies side effect as I quit smoking pot. And finally sleep without needing a blunt and a six pack! Much cheaper and healthier, albeit less fun. Also I notice that music sounds better. The pill really reminds me of a mix between weed and xanax. Quite nice stimulating and sedating. But this is only during the day. At night I have very vivid dreams that are always hell.

    Example: I remember having a dream where someone left a nail for me to step on as a prank. I vividly remember feeling extreme pain. I was in the psych ward later in the dream and pretended to accept his apologies. But I grabbed a pen and waited for the right moment to stab him in the throat.

    Example 2: Last night I had a dream that I had to beat up about 15 people. They agreed to take me on one on one as long as I didn't use any weapons. I broke people's necks, I slammed a guys arm in a door several times. I was even beating up kids (they were attacking me and it was a dream so chill out!).

    Anyway so far so good but I would rather have a vivid dream about a night with a girl or snorting some blow or something. Well tonight I"m going to think about sniffing Roxies until I go to sleep and see if that helps.

    Advice or suggestions appreciated.
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    I'm intrigued, I guess is all I have to say. At all the healthcare facilities I've worked in, mirtazepine doesn't see a lot of action. I always wondered why, since it's a drug that one hears whispers about and sees mentioned in medical literature, with quite a unique and promising binding profile.

    I can't think of any drug you should be taking long term whose only justification is making mirtazepine tolerable, to be honest with you. Benzos help nightmares for a lot of people, because they reduce time spent in REM sleep. But mirtazepine is not a drug that merits a benzo habit.

    How often do you have those kinds of dreams? Is this a guaranteed nightly thing, or more sporadic? When did you begin taking mirtazepine, and when did the nightmares begin?
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    Apologies for my initial post I was too drowsy to effectively communicate. I hope this is helpful for others. I will answer your question at the end, as knowing the end of a story is useless without the beginning I failed to provide!

    Family medical history:
    My family has a history of anxiety, ADHD, depression, bi-polar, and various other mental disorders. I come from a genetic clusterfuck of craziness.

    Mental disorders (diagnosed):
    GAD w\Panic Disorder
    Insomnia (probably related to the GAD)

    Medicine I take currently (I use brand names in writing though I take only generics):
    Xanax XR 2mg and 40 mg Vyvanse at 9:00 am on the dot
    Xanax XR 2mg and 30 mg Remeron at 9:00 pm on the dot
    Vitamins and fish oil with meals

    Drugs I Use:
    I don't do any drugs anymore. If I could smoke weed I would stop taking the Vyvanse, Remeron, and cut the Xanax dose down significantly. But I can't right now so I do the best I can with modern medicine. Mankind always thinks that they can do better than God!

    Experience with Remeron:

    I started taking Remeron around the 20th of last month. 15mg at 9:00 PM. I didn't expect too much but I had heard good things. I skipped the research I normally do and just took the pill with an open mind. It wouldn't kill me if I skipped the usual 10+ hours of research before taking my first dose. I was a wreck at this point so I didn't have the energy to do so anyway.

    30 minutes after taking the first pill I got what would almost be called a buzz. I felt like I was dreaming while awake and enjoyed watching tv for the next 30 minutes. I then hit the sack and fell asleep without effort!

    I had a few nightmares for the first few days but I was willing to stick things out. The nightmares were extremely troubling though. After my body adjusted the vivid nightmares went away or at least I stopped remembering my dreams.

    I saw my psychiatrist on the 4th and he increased my dose of Xanax XR to 4mg and the Remeron to 30mg. I'm so glad he listened to me and trusted me. I take my medicine as prescribed but a few bad apples can ruin things for everyone. We both hope that I can then cut back on my Xanax dose. Only time will tell.

    Anyway so immediately after increasing my Remeron dose the nightmares came back. The two nightmares I posted above were intense on a level un-experienced before. I have never remembered so much of a dream in my life nor been affected so severely with anxiety the next morning. I knew the dreams weren't real but I was disturbed and upset all morning.

    This detailed thought process is best seen in example one. I pretended to accept his apology and be his friend. I laughed and joke around and smiled like nothing was wrong. In the meantime I needed to acquire a weapon and wait for the right moment. I knew that with only one good foot I had to attack him when he wasn't expecting it and I had to kill him or he would win the fight. I wanted to kill him because the pain was excruciatingly real. There's a lot more to this dream I could take up the whole page. Really amazed I can remember such a detailed dream! Wonder what Freud would say about it?

    Last night I had no dreams. I woke up refreshed after 7 hours of deep sleep. I think this is an initial side effect that wears off once your body adjust. My theory is that I was anxious while getting REM sleep I wasn't used to. This led to very crazy dreams. I advise everyone to try and stick out this side effect. However I'm anxious still just less depressed. I just hope it keeps putting me to sleep. These days it can take a couple hours to knock me out.
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    I have attempted to use mirtazapine for it's psychedelic properties, because it has a partial 5HT-2a agonist.
    It's more delusional if anything, you become THAT fucking tired (nothign has ever beaten how tired you get on this) that you start to become delusional.

    I remember laying down in the shower because standing/sitting was too hard, I had my eyes closed, bright flahes of white light started getting faster, and faster.
    Until eventually, they created a scene, I could see what was infront of me with my eyes closed, everything was very black/white, but very very vibrant, like.. the white's colour was protruding from the object, the colours were just over saturated.
    Yet all black and white.

    I could see each drop of water hit the small pool of water that I was laying in, and the rest of the room was pretty dark, I didn't really look at the rest of the room.
    At this point I felt as if I was about to die or something, I was just so fucking tired.
    I knew if I didn't start moving I'd fall asleep and put myself in serious danger of drowning, I dragged myself to my bed and I just layed like a brick.
    I don't remember any dreams.

    The next day I have a physics exam, fuuuuuuuck, I knew that was stupid to do last night.
    I searched the house high and low for stimulants, anything!
    I got caffeine and psudoephendrine, took 2 sudafed and a coffee.

    It did alright, sitting on the bus feeling my sjkull tingling, but my brain was not on.
    I was sitting in class, people kept asking "are you alright man?"
    Everybody was noticing me, I was absolutely wreaked, more so then I ever have been.
    The halflife on these is like 30 hours or something, not sure and I cbf to google it.

    So after everybody staring at me, asking if I was sick or needed help, I began the test.
    I don't know how the fuck I did it, but I got a B.
    I'm so lucky I paid a lot of attention and studied, because I would've bombed otherwise.

    My friend also tried it, he didn't get any effects, it seems if you have things to do whilst your on it, it becomes extremely dysphoric.
    I had to do the dishes on it on my 2nd try, and I felt so horrible, I had every side effect on wikipedia.
    It's also so hard to sleep on it, my legs wouldn't stop moving.
    I was getting a massage and it was painful.

    Such a weird, obscure drug.
    I've heard many times that it's the best for depression though.
    I was doing 30mg, avanza.
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    Have any of you experienced any.. weird sexual side effects from taking Remeron?
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    I have been celibate during the time I've been on this new med so I can't tell you about that. I'm looking for a good church girl this time. No more crack whores and teenage moms for this guy!

    However I notice that my Vyvanse seems slightly more effective. This is great because it had decreased its duration before! Maybe its just the extra sleep and better living habits I've been adopting though.

    Also I have moved my dose back to 7:45 so I can sleep because I don't get sleepy until a couple hours later.
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    I've been on it for 2 months now... maybe my sex drive might be *slightly* lower, but I don't think in a significant way. I have had some weird eye/face twitching though. I'm not sure if it's something I should be concerned about, but I'm going to ask my doctor when I go see him next. I have to say overall - it's definitely helped my depression though.
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