Thread: kratom maintenance trouble, need advice on magnesium citrate

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    kratom maintenance trouble, need advice on magnesium citrate 
    so this post will probably provide too much information for squemish people. you've been warned.

    i take kratom fairly regularly and have done so for quite a while for a few reasons. sometimes to help with the occasional depression spell or for a boost of energy, but generally I'm taking it because of diarreah and general muscle acheyness caused by chron's disease. I should be using as little as I need to, just enough so that I can pass a solid but not enough to get constipated and start shitting logs with sandpaper consistency.

    well as of late i've been using kratom quite a bit more than i know i should be. this has probably been going on for 6 months: occasionally (during a flare up) I require too much kratom to gain pain relief and end up eating so much that i end up having horribly dry bowel movements to where i'm bleeding on the toilet paper when I wipe and my anus is is pain afterwards until whatever tear my shit made heals up. today i finally had the most painful shit of my entire life that left me with what I am assuming is an anal fissure. just a swollen portion on the outside of my anus that is puffy and hurts to touch. i'm pretty sure that what it is at least, i found a picture of an anal fissure that looked exactly like what i'm dealing with when i was trying to figure out what the hell to do to get rid of it.

    i'm going to my doctor soon enough to get some professional advice, but BLers, I call on you to help me figure out a way that i can take kratom and not get as constipated anymore. i tried metamucil, it didnt work. i tried eating doses so small that i only received threshold effects and that only made me constipated and gave practically no medicinal effects. i did some research and apparently if you're getting anal fissures then you need to eat food that can absorb water so that you don't aggravate the fissure and a friend mentioned to me he uses magnesium citrate with good effect to help his constipation but he doesn't take kratom as much as I do and therefore only uses the magnesium citrate on an occasional basis. he couldn't help me out with answers to certain questions so here I am

    basically i'm wondering if I take magnesium citrate with kratom whenever I need to medicate or just plain want to get a buzz, am I doing damage to my body in the long run if i try to keep it up? my dad used to take a laxative every single day and now he has so many complications from that it scares me to touch laxatives but I am going to use them as long as I can feel assured in the fact that I'm not causing myself larger health problems down the line. I do self medicatewith kratom quite a bit, but I also will take a month long break every few months or so plus a two day break about once a week to keep a low tolerance. admittedly I am probably due for a tolerance break here shortly seeing as I got a freaking anal fissure but I am going to try this magnesium method first.

    have any of you ever been a drug that causes constipation and similar problems and discovered a way to have regular bowel movements while still being able to use said drug? or have any of you ever used kratom to the point of getting the sandpaper shits and figured out a natural dosing schedule for kratom that when taken with the right food and stuff managed to get your shits to normal again? im currently just so tired of my earthly vessel distracting me from being happy because of the pain. more so that that I'm disappointed that this is the way my body wants to act so early on in my life and if i don't manage to get rid of these symptoms and different ways my body screws me over and it only gets worse i might just go insane or decide to just give up and stop caring about improving my life because no matter what I end up being in pain most of the day when a flare up is bad. Hell I might consider getting back on opiates if by the time i'm 30 i'm in worse shape than i am now.

    anyways sorry for the rant and how unorganized this thread is. i'm feeling a little angry at the fact that I even have to deal with this but I know the best thing to do is to just try to not let it stress me out. stress is just more shit to deal with that i could go without but of course i continue to obsess about these health issues that I can't magically fix so i'm just recycling the negative energy and resentment towards my digestive system and thats not good. so if someone could help me out here that would be so kind and would potentially be literally life changing if i get some advice that works for me. posting this thread was actually one of the main reasons i signed up for BL so try not to disappoint me guys :P

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    There are different types of laxatives and stool softeners on the market, many of them working in different ways--Some are bulking agents that help you go where as others will give you the diarrheal (the "typical laxative") effect. I would first recommend upping the fiber in your diet (however, not while your rear is still agitated). Figure out how many grams of fiber you eat in a day and then aim for double that. And before you say it's impossible to eat that much fiber in a day, I know people who eat 35-45 grams of it a day (and do not have diarrhea).

    If you do decide to go the laxative route, I'd suggest a stool softener instead of a bulking agent.

    However, if you decide to go with the magnesium citrate, I suggest you do more research. A quick search of BL found this, and there are many other threads that mention "magnesium citrate" just in this forum.
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    thanks for the info on the different types. luckily magnesium citrate was only $1 so I didnt waste too much money. I'm gonna do way more research into how to get the right stool softener as well as buy an effective magnesium supplement.

    Do you guys know if it is a good idea to eat a b-complex supplement when youre constipated? Or will it just sit inside of your digestive system and do damage to it since it isn't pooped out as fast as normal? I want to figure out if I should be taking vitamins while taking kratom or if I should save that for when I am on a tolerance break.
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