Thread: Bupropion vs SSRIs for treatment of anxiety/depression

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    Bupropion vs SSRIs for treatment of anxiety/depression 
    I've been diagnosed with GAD & depression & im still struggling with symptoms which make me wanna keep to myself & feel to unmotivated to study or work.

    Ive tried alot of different drugs, especially alot of pot when i was younger.
    Im only using codeine & valium these days of which i cwe & i buy the valium since i cant get it prescribed because of taking to many.

    Im also trying to quit smoking & drinking which is going well. Nicotine gum seems to work well & I already feel better even though ive only quit for a week..

    The only AD ive used for a long period of time was Tramadol for 4.5 months.
    I tried Pristiq, Mirtazepine & Lexapro which i didnt stay on for long because they made me feel weird.
    I also take Zyprexa now but am thinking of changing back to Seroquel to help me sleep which is prescribed off-label for anxiety.

    Im thinking of either trying Effexor or Bupropion (Wellbutrin) next. I read on wikipedia that Bupropion is often used along-side SSRIs.

    Bupropion is a DNRI right? I know it's safe to mix with SSRIs but Effexor is an SNRI so would it be OK to take them together if i start taking Effexor & it's not working good enough?

    in general how do ppl think Bupropion works compared to the usual SSRIs?

    Oh & I think i remember reading that it's dangerous to take ADs with tramadol is this correct?

    I just want motivation back. Ive tried dexampetamine too which worked great but i got a feel id get strung out on it & my dr wouldnt prescribe it.

    I currently take codeine like i said & use oxy sometimes which helps me but i need to have access to something every day. i just wanna feel a bit more normal & energetic.

    any medication suggestions?

    EDIT: I found this abstract at
    OBJECTIVE: To report the therapeutic efficacy of venlafaxine and bupropion in a patient with treatment-refractory major depression. CASE SUMMARY: A 21-year-old white woman with chronic and recurrent major depression presented with lack of response to several antidepressants. On examination, the patient exhibited neurovegetative signs of depression, guilt feelings, and suicidal ideation. The patient was administered venlafaxine 75 mg three times daily. The dose was titrated to 150 mg three times daily over the next month. Later bupropion was instituted up to 100 mg three times daily over a four-month period. The patient responded favorably to combination therapy and has remained free of depression for approximately 23 months. DISCUSSION: Venlafaxine and bupropion are antidepressant agents with unique pharmacologic profiles, each effective in the treatment of depression. Recent data indicate that combinations of selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors and bupropion can convert partial response to full response in patients with treatment-resistant depression. We considered whether a combination of venlafaxine and bupropion would reduce the depressive symptoms of a patient who was unresponsive to various classes of psychotropic agents. Gradual administration of venlafaxine and bupropion acted synergistically to significantly reduce depressive symptoms (p < 0.002) and significantly increase social function (p < 0.002) over a period of eight months. CONCLUSIONS: To our knowledge this is the first report of successful combination therapy with venlafaxine and bupropion in treatment of chronic recurrent and refractory major depression.
    So im guessing it's safe to mix effexor with wellbutrin.
    Oh I forgot to ask.
    How long does it take for wellbutrin to start working working?
    & how long generally for effexor too?
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    In my mind. The choices are many, the consequences dire..
    I'm on Effexor XR 375 mgs and to feel the full effects takes up to 2 weeks. I had quit it for awhile and the rebound depression was hell. Just an fyi.
    My teenager and bf take welbutrin. Same time for full effects, 2 weeks. I can see real results with both of them. They are both not as up tight and they both smile more.
    Hope this helps some!
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    ^^so uve been prescribed to take both of them cuz i was wondering if its safe cuz it would be like taking 2 noradrenalin reuptake inhibitors?

    which AD do u prefer?

    oh & i found out my other question tramadol can cause serotonin syndrome when mixed with typical ADs.
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    In my mind. The choices are many, the consequences dire..
    Yeah tramadol mixed with AD's is dangerous. Seizures and serotonin syndrome. I was pulled off tram bc of my Effexor.
    I've never taken welbutrin, just the Effexor. And tbh, I def know now it does make a difference. I was fine off it for a few days or so and the day before I started again I couldn't even smile. I personally like Effexor.
    The Welbutrin seems to help my daughter and bf.
    Normally the max dose rx'd of Effexor is 300 mgs but I've had to go to 375 mgs. For some reason I have a high tolerance to any drug.
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    bupropion is a shitty drug, but it is still 10x better than SSRIs....why do you need these drugs? don't you have scripts for good drugs? opiates and benzos...right? lol i suggest that you get off effexor, and any other SSRI, SNRI, or wellbutrin. exercise more, it provides way better results
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    ^^no i dont get prescribed opiates benzos. have to buy them.
    & exercise does help but i still need to be taking something to get motivated. even when I used to do alot of jogging Id still feel tired alot
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