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    I've with me Pregabalin 300mg from my Neurologist.

    I also have a script of Vigabatrin and Tiagabine.

    I know all are expensive Pharmaceutical anticonvulsants.

    So I'd like to make sure, which one amongst Vigabatrin and Tiagabine work better?

    (Erowid stated only Tiagabine. And Wiki quote by stating it's a drug with no recreational value. )

    But all this isn't compared to Vigabatrin.

    All I know Vigabatrin is used to block the euphoria when opioids are given to patients without diminishing its analgesic activities.

    Any input, experiences, are gladly welcomed, as I don't want to waste $160 buying wrong thing.
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    Works better for what?

    Unless you're referring to recreational value I don't think asking here will be much use - anecdotal evidence is extremely unreliable for medical treatments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Divine Moments View Post
    Works better for what?

    Unless you're referring to recreational value I don't think asking here will be much use - anecdotal evidence is extremely unreliable for medical treatments.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    I have read plenty in Erowid, how they " swear" never want to use Tiagabine ( Gabitril) anymore. ( But, to me, certain Pharmaceutical just cannot be ingested in high amount at once. All I read in there, they are taking like 7-8 tabs... etc... puking all over, unconscious,etc.)
    I am prescribed both, but using them according to the instruction is important. They are Gabitril ( Tiagabine) 5mg half tab b.i.d ( Total 5mg/day). And Sabril ( Vigabatrin) powder for oral solution 500mg ( 1 b.i.d) Qty : 60. ( well there must have some error here the way my GP wrote it).

    What I aim for use, is, daily use, to give a general feeling of well being.

    A Pharmaceutical like Lyrica ( Pregabalin) does work wonder for me, only the first four days I used it. After that, .... ( Valerian works much better).

    All I want to know, is, any input, of those, who have used, both Vigabatrin and Tiagabine, and maybe Pregabalin, so that I can roughly see the effects, before spending $200 on it for nothing.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

    I Appreciate your input Divine Moments
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    Fair enough. I don't have personal experience with either but I'm happy to leave this open and see if anyone else has
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    No one seems to have an experience with "Pure Pharmaceutical Grade" agents, and leave a comment on that.

    In Erowid, there are many.

    But , as I thoroughly research by reading many up to date research-papers online, Medically, well , this is used by cocaine and Meth-amphetamine addicts who want to taper down and getting sober, Vigabatrin in combination with any opioids, YES THIS IS INTERESTING, will block the euphoric feeling without diminishing the opioid's analgesic action.

    As with Tiagabine, I just read from Erowid, and i am getting sick of reading those taking 15-20 tabs, then puke, or collapsed, and hang over the next day.

    Well, any inputs, if you have have used either Gabitril ( Tiagabine) or Sabril ( Vigabatrin), are most welcomed, before I spend the $200 for each TOTALLING $400 for both, for nothing.

    I would like to hear, your experiences, how Tiagabine( Therapeutically used) and also Vigabatrin affect your moods?

    I am still using 300mg Pregabalin, 1 cap in the morning, another cap around 4pm ( as the half life of Pregabalin is around 7 hours)
    And well, it's a good Pharmaceutical agent, acting as an analgesic as well as anti anxiety effect.
    ( BUT, with 2 of 300mg big CAPS, I don't experience abnormal co-ordination / balance while walking)
    With the 75mg caps, I still remember, in 2011, I took 4caps twice daily to make it 600mg/day, I got severed balanced and co-ordination problem, and that I obtained from sample packs from my GP. So within 3 days, he asked me to stop it.

    Now, I am on the same 600mg, with 300mg caps twice daily, and notice, none of those side effects. ( Funny though )

    So, if anyone have any inputs/experiences using Tiagabine/Vigabatrin, just write it here. And I really appreciate it so much.

    Warm regards,
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