Thread: The easiest way to cook crack!! easy i swear to god you'll get it right on the first

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    The easiest way to cook crack!! easy i swear to god you'll get it right on the first 
    Okay.. So i spent about a year trying to search these forums and the net for the easy way to make crack cocaine....and all i found was horse shit and overly complicated directions..this here.. people is the easiest god damn way to do it..and im just posting this cuz i know how bad it was searching for a decent product and gettin lets do this

    What You will need.
    A 1 cup pyrex measuring glass
    at least an 8 ball(less could work but idk) and you have to make sure its clean!! no bull shit stepped on..make sure it is fishscale!!
    baking soda
    a steel fork

    Okay get your pyrex..feel it with 100 ml of water

    get baking soda..the amount doesnt matter.. just make sure its enough to cover the bottom of pyrex glass..make sure it all goes down to the bottom of the cup and not floatin around,,

    get the coke.. crush it up if its rocked up. throw that shit in there.. if its good coke most of it will stay at the top of the water


    throw it in the microwave..for maybe 2:45 min..less if you wanna be safe..

    wait for it wait for it wait for it..take it out

    pick up the glass..look at the bottom of the should see a yellow blob or a large group of yellow crack bubbles

    put the cup down, and slowly throw cool water into the pyrex until its filled all the way..this drops whatever dope may be floating at the top

    now slowly pour out most of the not let the yellow blob at the bottom fall out...this will be safe use another small bowl to pour the water into

    now all you have left is some yellow blob floating in water.. get your steel fork and spin it in a circular motion that way it all sticks together and forms a nice cookie...

    let it sit and walah. you got your self some good smoke! there are ways to blow it up using this method, but dealers are the scum of the earth...and i will not help them profit in anyway! i hope this helped..if ya need help with it step by step shoot me a pm

    also if ya liked this please shoot me some rep points!! thank you

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    Thank you for sharing that; however, BDD is a quick q&a forum so this isn't the sort of thing we cover here.. take a look at the BDD guidelines and the "state of BDD" sticky. We're also currently having some discussion around what we allow (no synthesis discussion, cocaine -> crack has been allowed in the past however).

    I'm going to close this (as there's no question involved) - if you have any queries feel free to shoot me a pm

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