Thread: Opium Tincture - Natural pain management / alternative to Opiate pills

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    Opium Tincture - Natural pain management / alternative to Opiate pills 
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    A friend of mine recently started making opium tincture and found a method that is simple and works well. I have a fair bit of experience with opiates having used Tramadol and Codeine in the past. He started drinking poppy tea more recently and that is what got my friend interested in making an opium tincture.

    For those who don't know, opium is contained in dried opium poppy pods which you can buy online from dried flower vendors. Or you can grow your own in the garden of course..poppies are easy flowers to grow and the seeds are widely available.

    What you will need:
    - Dried Poppy Pods (must be opium variety of course)
    - Ginger wine or something similar
    - A grinder
    - A clean flat jar with a screw cap

    OK down to the method:

    First take your poppy pods, remove the seeds and then break them up into small pieces by hand. Make sure all the pods are mixed together so you end up with one big mound of poppy pod pieces*. Next you need a grinder to turn the bits into smaller pieces. You can if your grinder is capable turn them into powder, but it's not really necessary and makes it a bit harder to strain the tincture.

    When you have ground up the pods into fine pieces... measure out 70g into a clean jar and add about 130ml of ginger wine or some other alcoholic drink. The wine my friend uses is 13.5% proof...I would not go any lower than that, but you can certainly use higher proof alcohols such as vodka. I find ginger wine he uses is perfect though because the strong ginger taste and sweetness does a good job of masking the bitterness of the opium. Plus ginger wine is very cheap compared to Vodka! He uses small 200g jars for this...(the type which contain salsa from the supermarket)..they are wider with a flat bottom which is better than taller jars.

    Once the wine or alcohol is added, give it a good shake with the lid on and transfer it to the fridge for 1-2 weeks. Give it an occasional shake. The alkaloids in the opium will leach out slowly over this period..the longer you leave it the more potent it will get. But 7-10 days works fine for me.. I drink a small amount (about 30ml through a coffee filter and get a nice opiate buzz going.. Don't drink too much on the first sample.. start with a small amount like 30ml and allow time for the effect, then drink more to increase the effect...

    The best way to filter the mush is using one of the proper coffee filters you get in a coffee machine (not the paper type) will probably have to use a tea spoon and stir up and squash the pap down to get all the tincture out.

    * Note: If buying poppy pods dried from a vendor, regardless of whether your poppies are uniform in size and appearance, it's always best to homogenize them. That just basically means, mix them all together. You reason why is because you will get an even and predictable dosage that way. Remember the amount of opium in pods can vary batch by batch or even pod by pod. Since the overdose for morphine is fairly low at around 200mg...its a lot safer to homogenize them.
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    Sorry, this is a long way from opium tincture...not even close. If it was that easy alot of pain patient could skip their appointments.
    Wrong category too (Benzos)
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    It's not an opium tincture, it's extract of poppy straw, traditionally called meconium. Laudanum was opium and other spices and herbs like saffron. Still has alkaloids, and will get the job done.

    They still make deodorized tinctures of opium, but I think only one company in India makes it so it's very expensive. I wonder if a doctor can prescribe homemade opium or pods like medical marijuana? It is CII.
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