Thread: Dexedrine extended release (XR) 10 mg problems ???

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    Dexedrine extended release (XR) 10 mg problems ??? 
    I grabbed a bunch of 10 mg dexedrines XR from a guy (wouldn't say he's really reliable :S), I have suspicions that he might have done something to them because I realized that there are alot of empty space in the capsules as it is not fully filled. The dexedrines I'm talking about have the 3513 marked on them, please help me resolve this suspicion of whether it is the manufacturers problem or that my guy actually did something to them.

    I would attach a photo but am not sure how.. But basically there's about a rough estimate of approximately 1/6 capsule space that is empty. Is this normal ? Pls only reply if u have taken these Dexedrine spanses pls
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    Well my adderall xr 15s are about half full but 1/6 sounds chinsey...
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    I just weighed most of the pills, turns out that they are 16 mgwith the capsule. The capsule it self weighs 5-6 mg. so an uncertainty of 1mg in the pills, so most likey it's A manufacture problem I'm guessing. But the last time I grabbed off the guy, I was able to sleep after ingesting them without parachuting. This time, I am so wired I pretty much only slept for 6-7 hours in the past 4 days.. The only difference is before I would be drinking bottled water, but this time I switched to tea so could it be the caffeine mixed with Dexedrine whih is getting me all jittery ? I might have to go smoke some weed and pass out, but I don't really want to study while I'm stoned/twitching lOl
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