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    Gabapentin for opiate withdrawal 
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    My dad has a ton of 300mg gabapentin pills that he doens't take. would 1200mg for the next 4 days make the withdrawals help? I've google'd and read that it does help, but i'm wondering if anybody here has had any experience with it. thank you!
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    Neurontin helped with some symptoms of opiate withdrawal but not all of it.
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    Yup. Works like a charm as long as you stagger your doses.

    Read experiences on Erowid. That's your best bet.
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    I take 1,200 mgs of gabapentin nightly as prescribed but it seems to help bc I've never had bad opiate wd.
    Benzos is another
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    I'm going to move this to OD as they have a lot of experience in managing opioid WDs

    BDD > OD
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    Yeah it gets rid of a lot of the opioid withdrawal symptoms.
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    gabapentin definitely helps w/d for short term opiate use...less than 45 days.

    it even took the edge off almost a gram a day habit of heroin, but is not a substitute for suboxone or anything thing of that nature....
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    At the time I used it I had been using a good amount of heroin daily for a couple months. Gabapentin helped, yes, although it wasn't that much of a help. Although I've heard from people that Neurontin is supposed to be the same thing (and google says likewise), the brand/non-generic Neurontin I had was WAY more of a help than the generic gabapentin. I don't know why. The Neurontin would even get me messed up, rather drunk like, until I built up a tolerance to it (I had used Neurontin at an earlier point for w/d). I didn't get even nearly the same effect from the Gabapentin. Who knows...

    Certainly better than nothing though. I find a high dose of loperamide or DXM, and of course Suboxone, to be much more effective than gabapentin though.
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    I try to always use gabapentin for opioid WD. About to fill a script actually today as I'm about 40+ from my last dose of methadone and have 5 days till I get my next done script filled (was taking it on avg 30mg a day, which I finally got upped to, so ran out a bit early). I plan on using gabapentin + loperamide today and tomorrow, then tomorrow night add 4mg of suboxone. Till my next fill I'll probably use that combo but cutt he suboxone down to 2mg.
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    I used Lyrica (similar to Neurontin) and Cloniidine to go through withdrawals without feeling a thing. Gabapentin was used at the beginning, even. The secret is massive dosing.... I used about 3x the stated maximum dose (ie 1800mg Lyrica... considerably more Neurontin). Clonidine is just hugely important... don't know if i could have done it without it.

    This was all cold turkey from a 96mg/day habit.
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    Neurontin (gabapentin) is very commonly used for opiate withdrawal during detox in rehab centers. The idea is it is slightly relieving peripheral neuropathic pain, while helping regenerate your neural function.

    tolerance goes up rapidly, i believe i was on 600mg 4x day, and there was no real psychoactive effect to speak of, but this is my personal experience.

    trying to get high on it isnt the most efficient, and will make you pisss out your ass. also, the way it interacts with GABA it can raise the seizure threshold, and lower the need for benzodiazepene ( benzo part came from prescribing doc, i havent found great evidence on the interwebs, and addition shrinks will tell you anything)
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    Yes neurotin will help you immensely but be careful you'll have the "neurotin Knees" and may stagger around a bit till you titrate your dosage just right. i take lyrica now and before it i took neurotin, when i had no dope neurotin would still put a little smile on my face and a lil skip in my staggering legs!
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