Thread: IV vs Snorting Focalin? Most effective method

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    IV vs Snorting Focalin? Most effective method 
    I've successfully achieved a method for injecting Focalin, but the difference between snorting and injecting seems to be hard to really grasp. My question is; has anyone had experiences with both of these methods? and what you believe is the most efficient vs most effective, etc.

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    I think this is better suited for Other Drugs, I'll move it over there for ya.

    BDD -- OD

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    I shoot it, Even though they dont dissolve great I always save a few spoons up and put it all together when i have no more pills and get a really good wash, 3 or 4 times actually. Ive seen people shoot it and they start talking your fucking head off. Thats why I never let people do it in my place when they get some. Its like at least half the euphoria of IVing cocaine, pretty similar but not as intense(you dont hear the train coming, like with coke). But way cleaner and the come down to me is very manageable.

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    How do you prepare it

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    I have never shot foclian but I have snorted it it does not last long and I don't feel much of a high from it I have snorted 40mgs all at once I just am in a better mood after I do it I would shoot it if I knew where to find a needle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sambino View Post
    I would shoot it if I knew where to find a needle

    Sigh, had to slap myself in the face twice after reading your posts, I will never get these 4 minutes back again................... EVER.

    Try the sewing kit bro.

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    I used to be prescribed the 15mg time release ones, which were crushed and snorted and gone in 3/4 days, but that was before I shot, then got switched to adderall, which I prefereed because I seem to enjoy amphetimines more than coke/ritalin/focalin...More euphoria, but I don't do them that often, never go out and look for uppers acutally...though I do like a good day/night on meth, then I put it down, never have a comedown...but if I had those 15's now I would do it now, though their the beads not the pills so I dunno how they would do..

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    snorted my roomates focalins but i mean dude its fucking methylphenidate why the fuck would you shoot that shit, just do meth or coke if you're gonna shoot up a stimulant.

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    So here this is, snorting a focalin. I keep comepletly jacked up, as long as i do it every hour or i feel kinda crazy . after about 4 to 6 I start jawing and grinding my teeth. I can tell I'm talkin and walking juat a tad bit. . Let's say weird. Kinda off balence but not really . It does wear off at about 30 to 45 so that would be why I start with 2 and at least one every hour I'm out of town for work. And I can't risk being sick no matter what type of sick. Whether it be dope sick or sick from being too fucked up, I do not know yet. So.. I did my first one by IV of one tonight.. I was told id get a feelin like I just done less than an aldreal, some weak ice or some strong powder. So when we do, I put everything up my nose unless I'm a pro at I Vin each certain drugs, or with my dull ass needle that I haven't let anyone use period snd never has. As long as Im carful, what chance to have of actually contracting hep C lol. That's terrible start using condoms

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    I went through an IV phenidate stint , fuck that shit. It's like shooting coke minus all the classyness.

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    My friend SWIM is curious as to how to prepare instant release focalin for snorting.

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    Closed. Please don't bump multiple old threads asking the same question.

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