Thread: IV vs Snorting Focalin? Most effective method

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    IV vs Snorting Focalin? Most effective method 
    I've successfully achieved a method for injecting Focalin, but the difference between snorting and injecting seems to be hard to really grasp. My question is; has anyone had experiences with both of these methods? and what you believe is the most efficient vs most effective, etc.
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    I think this is better suited for Other Drugs, I'll move it over there for ya.

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    I shoot it, Even though they dont dissolve great I always save a few spoons up and put it all together when i have no more pills and get a really good wash, 3 or 4 times actually. Ive seen people shoot it and they start talking your fucking head off. Thats why I never let people do it in my place when they get some. Its like at least half the euphoria of IVing cocaine, pretty similar but not as intense(you dont hear the train coming, like with coke). But way cleaner and the come down to me is very manageable.
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