Thread: Took small dose of suboxone this long to wait?

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    Took small dose of suboxone this long to wait? 
    I'm sure there are multiple threads on this but I couldn't find one to fit my specific situation. For the past two weeks or so, I've been taking small amounts of suboxone every morning...around 2mg or so tops. I took another dose this morning of 2mg. Now, it has been around 12 hours since my last dose. How long should I wait to be able to feel the effects of the oxycodone? I know it may take a day or two for the full effect..but yeah.
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    YeA you will feel it. It varies from person to person, which im sure you know, but i took 1mg one time and took my normal dose of opana About 3 hours later and felt it all if not more.

    Many times i use about .2-.5 of suboxone as a potentiator.
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    Quote Originally Posted by highhooked View Post
    YeA you will feel it. It varies from person to person, which im sure you know, but i took 1mg one time and took my normal dose of opana About 3 hours later and felt it all if not more.

    Many times i use about .2-.5 of suboxone as a potentiator.
    Yeah, it's possible that the full agonist can be potentated by a small dosage of buprenorphine, taken BEFORE the full agonist. You don't want to add .5 mg after you've dosed on oxy/heroin, or youll find yourself in precipitated withdrawal.
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    Not positive how your body is and how oxycodone will react but I find it extremely easy to get high when i am on 2mg bupe.. even if it's only 6 hours I can shoot a single bag of dope and get high.

    Honestly i'll feel higher that 1st night i get high when I took 2mg bupe in the morning than I do the next day when i have no bupe in my system and dose.
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    Alright dude, since I have tried this SOOOO many times I will give you the straight dope. No pun intended. To feel it you are going to need to wait AT THE VERY LEAST 36 hours. 24 hours you will feel extremely weak effects especially if you dosed 2 mg or more. If you were dosing .5 mg or under 24 hours would be sufficient as long as you were not on a maintenance dose but honestly dont waste your oxy, do the smart thing and wait a day and a half, 2 for the full effects. Sucks but its true. Bottom line is that once you start to feel withdrawl effects then you are ready to dose the oxy. This means wait until you can see your pupils, wait until your not constipated, feel nauseous, nervous, sweaty, cold chills. The more of these characteristics you possess the more likely the oxy is gonna hit you nicely. Take it from me, i wasted a shitload of 30s trying this.
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    Well, once again I took a tinyyyy piece of a sub last night around 2:00 am and I just did a small line of Opana 40. I feel the effects of the Opana for sure...I'm obviously not sure if it's as much as I normally would just because it was a small line but I do feel it. Anyway, what do all of you mean exactly that taking a small bit of sub could actually make the Opana more potent? More details or proof? But yeah like I said, I haven't waited 24 hours and I still feel good. Just wondering if it's 100%.
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    i do 12 to 24mg of subutex in a day and i have to wait about a week to feel about 80% of the full effects of oxy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenninethousand View Post
    Anyway, what do all of you mean exactly that taking a small bit of sub could actually make the Opana more potent? More details or proof? But yeah like I said, I haven't waited 24 hours and I still feel good. Just wondering if it's 100%.
    What they mean is low doses (1mg and under) may not cause the blockade effect, and if it does not saturate your opiate receptors there may be more room for other opiates to attach, allowing the other opiates to add to the opiate effects felt by the suboxone.

    It may or may not work for you, but you have the best chance of it working if you have not taken the suboxone for a few consecutive days. Since the bupe has a long half life, taking it for consecutive days causes it to build up, making it more likely to block other opiates. Always be sure to take the suboxone first since taking it too soon after other opiates may cause precipitated withdrawals.
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    Myfriend, being an impatient idiot.. Just Injected two bags of good quality Heroin- This being 12 hours after taking Four mg. of Suboxone. He felt the initial rush, but the high didn't last and the rush was noticeably stifled. :/ How many must I.. Er he, waste his money? Dammit!
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    In my personal experience, 2mg's and under doesn't really block much... even if you've been taking it everyday. Of course, I have a really fast metabolism so it gets out of my system faster than most but I have a lot of friends who go through the same thing.
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    This question I have tried to figure out for so long lol but I finally think I got it figured out for me at least.. First off I used to be on bupe maintenance but lost my script a few months ago and since then I have been switching. Back and fourth from shooting bupe to dope (choosejv dope when it's in the budget lol). But I have found that between 1-2 mg of bupe will take care of my withdrawl s while still leaveing the door open for doing dope just 20-24 hours later. I also have a fast metabolism and shoot my bupe so this is a factor but since I've gotten into this routine I have felt zero blocking power from the bupe after 20-24 hours
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    Hope that helps someone cuz this question annoyed the shit outta me for so long but through trial and error everyone can find a sure fire system that will work for them
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    he doesnt normally take subs but have them for when he need a break or dont wanna w/d. my dog took .75-1.5mg of a sub strip this morning at 8 am. but he smoked a cig during and als o ingested water. (which it says not to do) it is now 7.5hrs later and he ingested 25mg of hydro's. starting to feel them.
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    ^^^ oh right on enjoy your high. were there any questions you had? This thread is really old and for future dont drink water, smoke, talk or swallow while Suboxone is under your tounge. Nicotine and caffeine contracts the blood vessels under the tounge causing less medicine to be absorbed so no coffee or cigs at least a half hour before dosing. And you say your dog ate your Suboxone? Its against the rules to use terms like that please refer to yourself as I there is no need to call yourself "your dog", SWIM or your pet unicorn here on Bluelight.
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    I know this thread is mega old, but i'm not going to browse through the whole web page to find a recent post. Anyways... SWIM can do 3 bags in the cooker, and wait from 10 and a half hours to "12 hours (standard timing)" and luckily SWIM has never undergone precipitated withdrawals. SWIM noticed after SWIM's pupils start to dilate and is somewhat in withdrawal. SWIM knows to take suboxone saftely without the fear of precipitated withdrawals. SWIM has experimented with different dosages of suboxone. SWIM consumes 1mg of bupe, waits roughly 4-6 hrs, SCORES!. Consuming 2mg of bupe, waits 10-12 hrs SCORES! 4mg of bupe tried (8mg and SWIM did not score), waits 26-27 hrs SCORES! 8mg of bupe, waits 40-48 SCORES not intensely though :-\ SWIM tried higher doses like 16mg, but isn't even worth the time to wait. Because as it's wearing off, by the second day SWIM doesn't get proper sleep. SWIM only plays around with smaller doses, 4mg and under. At 8mg meiosis commences to emerge into effect just like a full agonist like methadone, heroin etc.

    SWIM notices the best transition is to wait untiI SWIM feels
    1. Hollow
    2. Lethargic (No energy)
    3. Mild chills w/hot and cold flashes
    4. Dilated pupils
    5. Excessive saliva (for those who get that would understand)
    6. Tries to close SWIM'S eyes, they open up almost as if they open up by themselves (that insomnia feeling)


    1. When you could no longer tolerate conversations
    2. Everything seems loud
    3. Craving un-controllably
    4. Feels like SWIM wants to isolate

    The listing above are the symptoms SWIM awaits for.

    NOTE: SWIM never tried this experiment with Pills.
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