Thread: Proper order of taking cimetidine, DXM, and Hydrocodone for potentiation

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    Proper order of taking cimetidine, DXM, and Hydrocodone for potentiation 
    If I am wanting to take both cimetidine (active ingredient in Tagamet) and DXM to potentiate my hydrocodone experience, what order should I take the DXM and cimetidine in? Together at the same time or one before the other?

    Will the cimetidine potentiate both the DXM and the hydro or just the hydro?

    tl;dr: If I'd normally take the DXM t-1:00 before ingestion of hydrocodone when should I take the cimetidine for most effective potentiation?
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    Will the cimetidine potentiate both the DXM and the hydro or just the hydro?
    I'm going to say just the DXM.

    -Cimetidine will inhibit basically all of the CYP enzymes.
    -DXM is a substrate of CYP2D6 (cimetidine will reduce it's removal from the body resulting in longer effects).
    -Hydrocodone is a substrate of CYP2D6 (cimetidine and DXM [due to competition] will inhibit its conversion to the powerful hydromorphone). ***bad for getting high.
    -Hydrocodone is a substrate of CYP3A4 (cimetidine will inhibit its conversion to norhydrocodone). ***okay for getting high as more will go via CYP2D6

    I'm not sure what you are hoping to get out of taking cimetidine, but if the plan is to just extend the DXM effects I would say...
    t-2h: cimetidine
    t-1h: DXM
    t=0: hydrocodone
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    Thanks for the reply.

    And I was under the impression only a very small percentage of hydrocodone actually converts to hydromorphone; therefore cimetidine inhibiting that conversion would be almost a non factor. But would it make the DXM more potent thus further potentiating the hydrocodone?

    Also, I will be still be taking 50mg diphenhydramine simultaneously with my ingestion of hydrocodone
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    just gonna dose about 75mg DXM an hour prior to hydrocodone and leave out the cimetidine altogether. I'm not trying to get any high from the DXM, just potentiation/lower tolerance/better dose-response-curve of the hydrocodone from it
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    I disagree. Take a therapeautic dosage of DXM (for me that tends to be 60-90mg) an hour before ingesting, take the cimetidine 30-45 minutes before the hydro, and then ingest the hydrocodone. Hydromorphone is useless orally for a high so no need to be concerned with that. The hydrocodone gets you high itself. The cimetidine increases duration of the high and increases the high/sedation/plasma concentration of hydrocodone in the blood stream.
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    I agree with Escape, DXM (60-90 mg) 1 h before hydrocodone, Tagamet 30-45 min before hydrocodone. The come up for DXM is a little slow and an enzyme inhibitor (Cimetidine) should be dosed beforehand to get the maximum effect.
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    Just took both of yalls advice...took 75mg DXM Hbr, 400mg tagamet, 45mg hydrocodone and 50mg diphenhydramine. the come up is a lot slower but more intense and noddy than usual...slowed down music sounds great and i'm from texas home of chopped and screwed shit so it's great..only 15 min into the comeup and feelin alright
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