Thread: Suspected fake/copycat Amide 30mg Oxycodone pill

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    Suspected fake/copycat Amide 30mg Oxycodone pill 
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    I recently purchased a few of the Amide A 215 30mg oxycodone pills, and havent used in a while so figured I was in for a treat. Much to my dissmay, after insufflating a whole tablet, I did not feel much effects......there was some sedation, typical constricted pupils, but absolutley zero euphoria. Even after a second one, I did not feel much, not even much pain relief was achieved. I have heard reports of many fakes circulating throughout Florida, but these looked EXACTLY like real Amide oxycodone tabs, everything was exactly as displayed in several online photos and color and size were an absolute match. It tasted bitter, but when the drip came it did not quite have that oxy-like bitterness. Even taking them orally did not change anything.

    I am wondering as to whether or not they were indeed counterfeit pills, or am I just crazy. And if they are indeed counterfeit, what substance could cause these effects: Very tiny pupils (usual for opiates), some sedation, next to none in the euphoria department, and an overall feeling that something is "off". Thank you for your replies.

    Also another weird effect, might not be related at all. If I was doing physical work that involved alot of walking, when I would stop my vision would look like as if it was expanding forward, almost as is you look away from the screen after playing a song on guitar hero, as if it is morphing. Might have nothing to do with it, as I have some medical conditions (but this has never been a reported symptom of any).

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    We can't really speculate on what you took; there are an infinitely large number of possibilities, and only a lab w/ GC/MS abilities or better would be able to tell you. Sorry.

    A similar story, and in a different part of the country, I've caught wind that M 30's are being faked with heroin, fentanyl, and a few other "goodies" in them. Except these punch harder than the real ones.

    Again, no "what did I take" threads are allowed, sorry bud. Send half of one to a lab for testing if you can afford it (both to spare the pill & pay for lab fees [~$140 last I saw]).

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    Substance ID's are not allowed in BDD. Please read the guidelines.

    ~ Closed.

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