Thread: Why does sleep deprivation HEIGHTEN your senses, rather than dull them

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    Why does sleep deprivation HEIGHTEN your senses, rather than dull them 
    From personal experience from sleep deprivation and from MOST of all my friends who all are clean and sober now from either cocaine or meth, all of them have a side effect till this day saying that they can hear everything and that it seems like everything sounds so loud just like when they were up for days. My question i've had for months is that why does sleep deprivation in a way, cause to you realize things that you dont sober? When i was up for 3 days, i felt like i could read peoples energies and minds, if it was someone who was rude usually their faces would look scary and change, but if someone was a sober person or just a nice person in general i could FEEL their aura and presence. Also, if someone was in the room next door, or even far from me its like i can sense them, also I COULD SEE MY OWN SKELETON IN THE MIRROR for like two seconds and than it changes back to normal. I could see little microscopic orgasnisms and molecules floating around and everything felt like the earth was spinning like it does in real life. I also saw BLOBS of brown stuff coming out my pores, that was dirt and impurity for meth i WAS NOT ABLE TO SEE THAT SOBER also, i could feel the nerves in my skin and it's so weird because from sleep deprivation i saw a lot of things that were their that i can't see sober. A lot of it were hallucinations but the shadow people, a lot of the small tiny bugs, were all real if you believe in ghosts that is but even if you don't, why does your sense of hearing actually becoming better in the sense everything sounds so loud, i thought it would of been the opposite. One time i was able to see through the wall and what i saw on the other side of the wall, was what really was already their CRAZY! Also i have been sober and away from all drugs except and occassional drink, and marijuana daily marijuana smoker. thanks sorry if it seems to cluttered and confused, i just had a real bad day, and am trying to leave this stupid library, so i can go back to my apartment and dwell.
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    Lack of sleep indicates a survival-needed mode of living, which results in being alert for harmful things in the environment in order to survive, evolutionary biology 101

    P.S. This is not advanced, sorry
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    Hmm it sounds like you shouldn't be sleeping
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    It also could just be that you're starting to enter a state of psychosis where things seemed very heightened, and some things you swear you're picking up on aren't actually there. I remember I had a real bad episode with MDPV after about ten days of consecutive use with little to no sleep. It started off with me hearing sounds more intensely, to me thinking the sounds we're something they weren't and at its worst, it transformed into full blown audio and visual hallucinations, where I sat petrified on my couch while I "saw" the scope of a sniper rifle sticking through the crack of my living room door. It ended with me peeing in a cup, and passed out on the floor next to a plate covered in vomit.

    Looking back it seems funny, but in all actuality its scary because at the time it seemed so real. I would even be telling myself "you're getting paranoid", and then I would swear I'd hear the swat team outside whispering "he's armed and has narcotics on him".
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    Living good in the neighborhood! Mmm mmm better!
    -Dear fucking god.
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    Your brain actually shuts down to new thought when sleep deprived. You specifically lose the ability to come up with creative solutions. If you feel you're more alert when sleep deprived, I'd say it's something akin to what Amu / Znegative are describing.
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    Your brain needs rest in order to produce certain chemicals that slow down thoughts. Without these chemicals your ability to think rationally goes out the window. Soon a person is blown into panic. Panic is a state of such high sensitivity, that many are uncomfortable with any stimulus.

    L-theanine, L-glutamine, L-tryptophan and fish oil are good supplements if you are sleep deprived. As well as food and water.

    Advanced Drug Discussion will probably be able to give a few good scientific examples, however as far as I know the whole process is extremely complicated and not fully understood.
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    I don't know... Its so weird ill be up for a long time or days (and this is sober, idk I need to see what's up with this shit). Yet I hear more things and like if I'm up in my room with my headphones I swear I can feel everything around me. Like to the point where I have to turn around cause it feels as if someone is there. I'm not sure if its from the sleep deprivation or its just me. I also been seeing shadow people and last night I almost had a heart attack cause something dropped off my dresser and when I turned I swear I saw someone there.... This is only weird to me because this happens when I'm totally sober and had plenty of sleep too /: sorry not much of help.
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    I am wondering Renz Envy, is GABA one of the neurotransmitters that we need to replenish after ~24 hours to keep our thoughts from racing? Also, would L-tyrosine be an amino acid we would need, since we would have to be producing dopamine as well as serotonin and the other catecholamines?
    The chemicals and their structures is not a problem to understand, but their functions in the body is all new to me.
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    There is a part of the brain that helps to focus on the relative and important.

    When you take psychoactive chemicals this tends to change IE becoming focused on very strange and unimportant aspects in life that you normally wouldn't consider.

    The same thing happens when you don't sleep well or at all. This function must be restored to get through normal daily activities.

    No sleep, brain 'filter' is out of whack, and very strange things become more and more apparent.
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    Your prob being screwd around with by ghosts.. I've had some ghost experiences.. Craziest shit i ever saw and just could not believe it. Could be your answer
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