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    Is Xanax more euphoric than K-Pins? 
    I got scripted for K-Pins (Rivotril) 0.5mg to 1mg per day and I am just more depressed and sometimes aggressive with people.
    I am thinking about switching to Xanax.

    So is Xanax more euphoric than K-Pins? I dont know, but Im taking Kpins for a month now, but I feel more depressed from it.


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    Technically speaking, they have the same effect. Xanax is considered more recreational due to its fast rate of action, and short half-life. Klonopin is better for anxiety because it kicks in slowly and has a quite long half-life (about half of diazepam - Valium - but longer than most). Xanax's half-life is somewhere around 5 hours if I recall correctly.

    I don't find either of them "euphoric" in any way. They more-so just mute emotions in general, and you must do what you will with that. I use it to take an edge off of my anxiety and (when applicable) anger issues, and for that it's perfect. However, because the medication WORKS on me, I find it rather hard to catch a "high" from. I take 1-1.5mg/day, and Rx'd 2/day, and even taking ~8mg+, I only walk around like a drunkard and am more likely to accomplish tasks that give me a load of anxiety and stress, but no euphoria at all.

    If clonazepam isn't working, I don't see why Xanax would, as they're extremely similar, but klonopin (clonazepam) works longer.

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    To begin with, Xanax (alprazolam) itself is NOT euphoric and has no euphoric qualities. No research study, especially not the FDA's monograph lists "euphoria" as a side effect and the FDA trials are by far the most intensive clinical trials any drug can go through. The same goes for clonazepam (Rivotril). They essentially have the same side effects and they are of equal potency (0.5 mg of Xanax = 0.5 mg of Rivotril). However, Xanax does have a somewhat more profound side effect profile (very minimal difference, however).

    If you are looking for euphoria, then as far as benzo's go, temazepam is your best bet. It is the only benzodiazepine available on the US market that the FDA lists "euphoria" as a side effect in its monograph and that can be easily checked online.

    However, if you are looking for real euphoria I'd suggest opioids. If you are a complete opioid virgin then I'd start with 60-90 mg of codeine (Tylenol #3, 4), 10 mg of hydrocodone (Vicodin), or 5-10 mg of oxycodone (Percocet). If you have some experience, then use hydrocodone or oxycodone in bigger doses. If you are well experienced than you probably know what to do - heroin/morphine, hydromorphone, fentanyl, etc.

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    This kind of question has no One answer Some people will say YES xanax is by far more euphoric while others find klonopin to be more euphoric. If one makes you feel worse/bad make sure to communicate that with your doctor. Most likely he or she will switch meds and put you on something else.

    I personally am prescribed xanax, ativan AND klonopin. I find each work well for dif things. Xanax is most sedating and 'in your face' than the others. Klonopin seems the SMOOTHEST.

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    To be honest here, opioids would work the best.
    I have panic disorders, but these benzos just "dumb" me down without the positive emotional lift that opioids would have.
    Thats the issue here.

    I do feel relaxed and mellow, but just feel empty inside and depressed. I just need that "emotional lift" what opioids would do.
    Then I would be nicer to people, and even concentrate much better on opioids than on benzos.

    I do have a psychiatrst that I go to and I am going to tell him that I wanna try out Xanax.

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    woamotive, i am jealous. you get the top three benzos of all time prescribed together... that's perfect. i miss xanax. i thought it was wonderful. my dr took me off xanax and put me on kpins. kpins do not feel like anything to me. my body would warm up on xanax like a stick of butter under a blow dryer... i would melt.

    kpins are most definitely better than no benzos at all, but i miss xanax. if money were no object i would have xanax by me at all times.

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    I've been on Xanax for anxiety and panic disorder for the past 5 years now and all I can say is that it does its job, but it has no endearing qualities. No euphoria, terrible muscle relaxant, and just "empty" overall. Besides its anxiolytic properties, which are superb, Xanax is really boring.

    It's not like temazepam, nitrazepam, or even diazepam where you truly feel "tranquilized" and at peace when you take them. Your muscles are relaxed, your light-headed, sedated, and feeling good. Lormetazepam has a similar effect, as does loprazolam (note: not lorazepam).

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    You know what, if clonazepam is troubling you, I'd switch to diazepam or chlordiazepoxide based on your posts. Either diazepam (Valium) or chlordiazepoxide (Librium) will likely be less "downing", and some report more "euphoria" from those two. Alprazolam isn't the best for an every day anxiety med to its very short half-life and duration of action. Think it over.

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    As kokaino and others have mentioned, it really depends on your individual response to the benzo in question. We try to shy away from drug comparison threads anyway.

    Personally I find lorazepam and clonazepam to be "euphoric" in that they eliminate my anxiety. The same could be said for temazepam and diazepam (Valium). Xanax (alprazolam) is very effective at its job of being an anti-anxiety drug, but it doesn't work too well for me for whatever reason (probably because it has a short duration).

    Your mileage may [and probably will] vary.

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    In my opinion, if you have no tolerance to opiates, you do get euphoria from Alprazolam.

    But either way regardless of your opinion, fact is Alprazolam is a quicker acting benzo compared to Clonazepam, so you will have a quicker rise to your high and quicker drop off resulting in a more noticeable high.

    Kind of like oxycodone vs methadone.. it hits you right away vs hitting you slow but lasting a while.

    Also I am scripted Temazepam and I find Alprazolam to be more euphoric..if you can really even use that word.

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    The anxiolytic and muscle relaxant properties of benzodiazepines are euphoric to me. It's all preference. I do notice a lot of people have reverse reactions to clonazepam (rage, dysphoria, depression ect.). Although all benzos have side effects that may not effect one person, but is a significant issue with others. Many people say alprazolam>clonazepam due to the rapid onset of action which is almost a "rush" of relaxation, apathy, and complete disinhibition. I find sublingual clonazepam has a fairly rapid onset of action if taken sublingually which can make a big difference. I used both recreationally, just depends on what I'm in the mood for. It's almost like comparing insufflated oxymorph or oxycodone to buprenorphine or methadone (as somebody above mentioned something similiar). Although opiates are far far far more euphoric than benzodiazepines. Take Kokaino's advice on trying out codeine and if you can find temazepam (the truly euphoric benzo) it will change your whole perspective on benzos. Keep in mind, every benzo has a "sweet spot" dosage. But 30-50mg of sublingual diazepam or 60-120mgs of temazepam are my top picks.

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    benzos aren't euphoric but xanax is stronger than klonopin

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    Quote Originally Posted by woamotive View Post
    I personally am prescribed xanax, ativan AND klonopin.
    Quote Originally Posted by ugly View Post
    woamotive, i am jealous. you get the top three benzos of all time prescribed together....
    You have much to learn young grasshopper...

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    I promise. No, I PROMISE you there is nothing to be jealous about being prescribed or having copious amounts of benzos.....

    Take it from me, once your body becomes physically dependent on the drug (in my case extremely physically dependent), it is one of the worst curses in the world to have. You become a slave to them, and since your tolerance is so high, it is not like you get any "feeling" from taking them. You only FEEL something when you DON'T have benzos. It is miserable. And guess what? When you are traveling internationally, or just end up crashing unexpectedly at someone's place relatively far away from you, you lose your prescription etc..... Guess what? It creeps up on you fast. Starts with your mind... racing thoughts and panic, sweating, then shaking, dissociation at its most horrific levels, having zero control, and then seizures, and well.. sometimes for those on high enough doses for long enough... death.

    So don't feel too jealous.

    To get back to the OP of this thread and the topic itself.. personally, neither Xanax or Kpins are "euphoric" and I have never understood why people think of them as recreational drugs. I'll say it again though.. DEFINITELY NOT euphoric. Even BEFORE I had a tolerance of any type, way long ago. They work well for sleep.... and are a godsend for a comedown from any kind of stimulant.... and yes, I said it - what they are made for: panic attacks (xanax, not kpin) But no, not euphoric and not recreational.

    Overall benzos, especially Xanax and Kpins not only have the very scary and real withdrawal dangers once you are addicted, which happens before a blink of your eye... but also just are a huge cognitive detriment. Like you experienced: they can bring on more feelings of depression (although Xanax does have SOME medically documented [weak] anti-depressant properties], increase attentional problems/disorder, and soon... you won't remember life without the cloud of the drug, and it will really put a damper on your life. Trust me.

    They are also incredibly hard to get off of once you do become physically dependent on them - in my case 6mg Xanax XR w/ additional 2mg Xanax IR bars to take as needed a day.... did not beg or play my psychiatrist... he just made a lapse in judgement and things came out that way.

    Imagine being in Venice, for your film premiere at the Venice Film Festival, kind of a huge event, and getting really fucked up for the after party and ending up sleeping back at some hotel off some of the main canals... far, far away from Lido which is an island, separated from the 'main' part of Venice and where the festival is held... Along with your hotel suite and suitcase with your Xanax.

    Then imagine waking up after sleeping for like two hours, cell phone dead, realizing you have no idea where the fuck you are and how to get back to your hotel. After wandering like an idiot, sweating face in a full seersucker and silk suit as the sun comes up and begins blaring down on everything, dehydrated and hungover... don't speak itailian. Can't contact anyone, or more importantly your boat chauffeur driver to pick you up, and somehow spent all your Euros and somehow left your credit cards back at your hotel.. so you can't even take the public water boat.

    The the hours and day progress, feet bleeding from walking miles over bridges and canals and shit in your dress loafers, then you realize you haven't taken your Xanax in quite a while now...... You FINALLY make it back to the island and where the festival is, but can't find anyone from your entourage and have no idea how to get to your hotel (cause you arrived the day before and went straight to the premiere and haven't actually been to your room yet).... and you start panicing. You are extremely dehydrated and hungover and now your body is beginning to W/D in a serious way from the 6-7mg of Xanax it is used to getting each day for a year and a half now....

    Now you REALLY REALIZE you haven't taken your Xanax in way way too long now and well with anxiety and benzo w/d... it's like a snowball effect and everything just exasperates everything, accelerating faster and faster.. You run into the director of the film festival's personal office.. who is a celebrity figure himself and has massive responsibilities to take care, like say, make sure people like George Clooney's arrival and premiere (second in the line up after ours) is all good, to making sure that massive security is being taking care of, to all the media etc............. And probably doesn't have time for a kid in a full pinstripe blue seersucker suit that is sweating balls, and trying his absolute hardest not to freak out and start having a seizure on the floor and embarrass himself and the director of his film and many, many other people.... thank god this guy happens to be really down to earth and nice, and knows of you/has seen you on screen some, knows your father well enough, and sees that you are not looking too good...

    Swear to god I thought I was going to fall to the floor start shaking and that was just going to be the end of everything. Everything. Tweaking out so bad that I couldn't stop pacing, pulling and ruffling my hair everywhere.. like I said I got very lucky and used every single little droplet of will-power I had to stop from going into a full out panic attack/seizure from the W/Ds..... Made up some stuff vaguely about being on a medication that I just needed to get ASAP (did not mention what it was), and that I was not feeling well (huge understatement).

    Then imagine after a boat being called ASAP for you, you are rushed down to the private arrival dock in the back of the famous Hotel by two personal assistant girls, carrying a case of bottled ice water from the Alps.. which you are guzzling down, just trying not to choke or start shaking. TRYING SO HARD not to start shaking violently, to just pretend, trying SO hard to pretend everything was normal... while you wait for the boat to come. You are doing everything you ever learned/taught yourself about how to deal with severe panic attacks / withdrawals from Xanax.... but it is overcoming you. You as politely as possible, between deep , short, desperate breaths for 2 bottles of chardon and moet champaign which you begin to chug from the bottle as a last resort to calm your nerves and curb the panic and hopefully thus curb the W/Ds for just a littttle bit longer now. Meanwhile more well known celebrities are arriving, and you wait extremely impatiently for your boat to come into sight in the crowded canal... Just the absolute WORST. If anyone here knows remotely what I am talking about.... well you know what the fuck I am talking about... there are masses of people trying to get glimpses and take pictures of the velvet covered dock I'm standing on and spilling champaign all over while I continue to down the first bottle, not giving a FUCK what anyone at that moment thinks of me, just trying not to have a seizure/start shaking. Alcohol is terrible for this in the end, but for last resort type of thing, it can sometimes work.

    And then the fucking paparazzis... About 100 of them... screaming, yelling, taking pictures like rapid fire machine guns with their stupid flashes making everything even worse. Ironically, and about the only thing to grin about at the moment is lindsay Lohan is waiting next to me along with some Loreal Paris model who looks familiar and I see ruffling through her purse who has cigs , who I can tell is also almost as ready as me to get the fuck out of there and onto her boat... having faced the first bottle, feeling slightly more calm and in control I sweetly ask her for one and pop the second bottle as our boats arrive all at the same time... paparazzis and public in the archway above going crazy. Ironically my boat is the nicest of the 3, cameras busy blasting lindsay and the Loreal girl... but begin to turn to me, I think mostly confused with my association, how I look with shades ignoring hte helping hand of the chauffeur and jumping onto the plush leather seat in the back of the mahogany speedboat , feeling another wave of W/D hitting hard, gulping down on the bottle looking like an insane alcoholic and burning down my cig, ashing all over the velvet.

    See linsday the little fake blond slut laugh and smile at me as she dips into her boat behind me.

    Thank god we got out of there quick and once we hit the adriatic ocean, the sun sparkling, driver bringing the boat to near full speed, absolutely flying through the water.... breeze and ocean spray feeling good and the last sips of the second bottle as I full tilt it, ridiculous shades and watch gleeming in the light, suit as we pass a tour boat.. bombing in a 3 some formation with the girls boats right nearby... tourists crowding the decks to take take more pictures..

    Okay, so Long story short , that's just a very rough and brief summary of this one particular benzo withdrawal nightmare/close call experience. Funny thing in real life, it was actually far more ridiculous than I could of described here..... I had beaten the panic attack/seizure/W/D and reached my hotel and fell to my knees tearing apart my bags, and then chewing in all my bitter chemical glory 6mg of Xanax...

    Lesson: Don't get hooked on benzos, even if it is a prescribed course and even if it initially starts out as something you legitimately need at the time.


    I know feel blessed to have been tapered down to 3mg of Klonapin and have managed to rid of the Xanax entirely. I know, the sad part is 3mg of Klonapin alone seems like a lot to some people.... but coming from where I was at, it was a big accomplishment. My next step, which starts this week is taking this 3mg and hopefully SLOWLY tapering down to 1mg a day.

    Don't get chained, trust me.

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    First of all, everyone is split on whether or not they produce euphoria on their own (just like amphetamine - I don't consider speed itself euphoric, but many do).

    When I first started taking them, Xanax was more euphoric - it hits fast and hard, which is probably why. Klonopin was slightly euphoric. Anyway, nowadays they just take my anxiety/panic away (which is more euphoric, in a sense, than any effect they had on me when I was all right up in the noggin'), and don't produce any euphoria in itself.

    Everyone reacts differently to different drugs, but if Klonopin is making you an aggressive, irritable asshole, then I would say do NOT switch to Xanax. For most people, that tends to be just about the benzo that makes people assholes.

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    Speed acts on dopamine - the reward center, thus it will directly result in pleasurable feelings.

    Benzos seem to just remove all feeling, and I imagine many people find this to be pleasurable, but mistake the terminology thinking that it's "creating euphoria."

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    for some with anxiety and lots of stress. xanax can be quite euphoric. For me atleast. And in addition with other drugs

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    Speed acts on dopamine - the reward center, thus it will directly result in pleasurable feelings.

    Benzos seem to just remove all feeling, and I imagine many people find this to be pleasurable, but mistake the terminology thinking that it's "creating euphoria."
    That's true, but I don't find it euphoric - only doing things on speed. Cleaning, walking, dancing, music, etc.

    And as you correctly say, benzos eliminate feelings - including negative ones - so people that get euphoria from them have, consciously or unconsciously, mental problems such as anxiety which benzos eliminate, thus making one feel better. I'd imagine the same applies to a large extent to alcohol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrflowers00 View Post
    benzos aren't euphoric but xanax is stronger than klonopin
    Actually Klonopin is just as strong as Xanax, unlike popular belief...yeeaaaah mannn..zaannniiiess.. MG to MG they are equivalent to eachother. ONLY DIFFERENCE and reason you feel it's stronger is because its fast acting and hits you very quick, unlike CLonazepam it takes about 20 mins for effect, however lasts up to 12 hrs. i find klonopin superior than xanax. Also when i was RXed Xanax, 4x a day, after about four days, i became immune to the doses and felt nothing. THANK GOD for Klonopin, i now take 1mg in the AM, and 1MG in the EVENING, and i can admit that since klonopin has a duration of 12hrs, i literally feel the relief everyday of the morning i take it, and every night i take it. it;s a wonderful drug for anxiety.

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    Klonopin is okay, but xanax is way better and for me actually feels euphoric. Temazepam is pretty euphoric but kind of weak. The best would be Rohypnol.

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    This is pretty subjective. Both are primarily anxiolytic benzos. One is short acting, the other longer acting. Some prefer one, some the other. We could discuss this all day but I am sure it already has been several times before

    Closed, pm me with any queries

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    People get this confused all the time.

    First and foremost, euphoria is a very wide generalization of a word. Benzos are the perfect example of this.

    Benzos manifest euphoria by sheer and powerful action. It is felt as a cascading anti-anxiety, sedative, then muscle relaxing effects (in that order). The rather complete opposite of dread and panic: heightened anxiety, heightened alertness, then muscle tension (in that order).

    They do not eliminate emotions, they actually allow them to move more fluidly. Less apprehension of the psychological stress while displaying them.

    SSRI's are actually the "definition" of emotion eliminators. They blunt the effect of emotion before it can even be conceived as emotion, thereby eliminating depression to certain degrees in different individuals. Some are blunted rather too much in a majority of the cases. Leading to a rather "apathic" lifestyle. (They are there, but not there emotionally.)

    This is why it is not recommended that depressed people take benzos long term... It allows the impact of emotions to be blunted, not the actual emotion. So the sense of calling them a "cover up" is excactly on point in terms of using them for psychiatric ailments... They rid you of nothing. They allow you to ride through. A "Shield" of sorts...

    This is why they are addictive in a sense. It's not how they make you feel, it's how they make you not feel...

    To answer the O.P.: No, it isn't.

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    Haha I keep closing threads but.. not closing them.


    (but thanks for your response Jay..)

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