Thread: shooting roxy? (30mg)

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    shooting roxy? (30mg) 
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    Hey i'm normally use to do dope (H) but can only get some roxy atm. I'm use only doing around .1 - .2 of some dope to get off and I'm wondering would have a roxy 30mg work for me (15mg) or do i need to do the whole thing at once?


    also can someone point me to a nicely written guide that explains in full detail a safe way to shoot roxy? I'm sure it's simple I just like to be safe and practice harm reduction

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    Oxycodone isn't a Research Chemical (RC). I'm going to edit the prefix of this thread.

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    I think you will be disappointed in the roxys(they are really oxy 30 mgs, everyone just calls them roxy for some reason). You def will need to do the whole 30. I prefer heroin and opanas also myself but when i do "roxys" my problem is that i cant fit as many as i need in the syringe. The most i can get in there is 4. You prob need at least 2 to feel right. It doesnt last long either. As for IVing them, its easy, just put water on it and let it sit for about 30 secs then stir it up and shoot. Depending on which one you have they tend to leave residue also so you can get a wash after the first shot. I think the best ones are those K 9 or the M box. The Vs arent as good in my opinion.

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    I've only shot Roxie a few times, but I would need to shoot at least 2 of the thirty mg ones to get high. If your looking for a rush, you'll be disappointed, it's nothing like heroin. Opana however... Heh, that's more like it

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    True statement there, roxies are pussy shit compared to opanas. Shit id rather have 2 opana 40s than a half g of some heroin. Unless its REALLY good dope.

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    If you're used to doing heroin then you probably will be disappointed with just 1 30mg rox. Try 2 or 3 to get a really nice rush.

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    And by the way, roxies are some of the easiest pills to shoot.

    Crush pill
    Add water (hot or cold, doesn't matter except hot water dissolves pill a bit quicker) (remember to keep in mind the approximate 100mg/1 mL solubility limit for oxycodone)
    Stir until pill dissolves
    Throw in cotton (or use micron filter if you have access)
    Draw up into rig

    And of course, remember to use clean rig, as sterile of a surface as you can, as sterile of water as you can, etc. All the standard harm reduction rules apply.

    I love roxies simply because of the fact that they are so easy to prep for IV use.

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    Look in the OD directory in my signature or use a search engine for more information. This is a very common question and I'm going to close your thread because of that.

    I strongly suggest using micron filters and sterile/distilled water for injecting pills. Remember to never heat/boil pills for injection!
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