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    Methoxetamine Drug-tests 
    Has anyone experimented with see how standard dipsticks/ GC/ms urinary analysis works with MXE?

    The only positive I forsee would be Phencyclidine (PCP), however I have no idea if it actually will test positive for this.

    If I dont hear anything I might just go out and buy a dipstick to see which if any of the NIDA 5/10 it will test positive for
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    I tested negative for PCP 36 hours after using it. This was on a lab-grade MedTox 8-Panel UA for an employer. Hopefully this information was helpful.
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    It's quite likely that in some drug tests it will cause false positives like Ketamine does - this could be disproved by further analysis (e.g. GC/MS) though so as long as MXE is legal in your country you should be okay even if you do fail the first test - provided you ask for them to further analyse and specify what it is you took (not that they wouldn't frown upon it).

    It might be worth doing what you said though, buying a test kit and seeing whether you pass or not, as there are only a few reports of people being drug tested after MXE, and it'd be good for people to know which (if any) drug tests MXE will cause you to fail.
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