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    The perfect high: Oxycodone 
    As the title suggests, I am searching for the most impeccable level of opioid intoxication known to man, and I am upset because I have this towering cloud hovering above my head, the thought that it will not be perfect. Recently My hunger for a nice intravenous opioid high grew to the level where I was unable to resist it any longer (I resist this craving for as long as possible to avoid addiction, then I use IV for one day or sometimes two to spoil myself, then I begin the process from the start). Therefore I decided to search every crevice in my house, in the hopes of finding some strong opioids.

    Thankfully, whilst looking through my old books we shall say, I discovered two 5mg OC ir tablets. I have not injected opioids for four months (I have never been tolerant or addicted to opioids) and am growing more anxious by the second that this will NOT satisfy my intense cravings. I have enough experience with IV drugs to do this, knowing the risks. I have never injected oxycodone though. I have injected zolpidem, zoplicone, methamphetamine, diacetylmorphine and fentanyl. The opioids which I have injected were street purity, so I don't actually know my dose. I am almost opioid naive, other than the occasional 300-400mg codeine dose (oral) or 300-500mg dihydrocodeine dose (dhc is better than plain codeine but I take lower doses of codeine, despite it's lower potency, because of the histamine release. 500mg DHC oral has me nodding like crazy).

    Will the two 5mg oxycodone tablets in one shot be enough to get me nodding or do I need to take a little codeine or dihydrocodeine before hand to intensify the rush and high?

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    I have doubt that it will get you nodding as hard as you want

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    Don't IV Oxycodone, there is no rush despite being roughly 14% higher in bioavailability than rectal. Plugging is probably the best if you're looking for the opiate rush, if not intranasal. As mentioned, 10 mg won't get you nodding as hard as you want. When I was opioid naive, it'd take me at least 20-30 mg intranasal to get a decent nod going which quickly escalated to increasingly higher doses.

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    IV oxycodone can be ok, but I would NOT IV the 5mg IR tabs, they have way too much binder/filler crap in the pills. Eat them, plug them, but don't stick that shit in your veins.

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    Hey man, the opioid conversion chart I checked has 10mg oral oxycodone at 100mg oral codeine, so I figure thats about 120-150mg codeine for 10mg oxy IV. Since you say you use 300-400mg codeine for a buzz I would say you wanna take maybe 250mg of codeine prior to injecting the oxycodone. Also make sure if you shoot endone you use a micron filter.

    I am closing this thread now because I don't feel there is any further meaningful discussion to be had on the subject and I have answered your question as best I can. If you google opioid conversion chart you can find some pretty good information for comparing doses of different opioids. Hope this helps.

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