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    Robo Itch 
    I never heard of anyone getting robo itch from triple c's (coricidin) first off. Don't start flaming, if I take them, it's only 12 pills. I got robo itch from Robitussin Long Acting Cough Syrup. The only active ingredient in is Dextromethorphan. I don't want to experience that ever again. I would rather pop some triple c's but instead I came to you guys for some advice. Do Robitussin Cough Gels give robo itch aswell? I know you can take about 50mg of benadryl before hand to prevent it but I don't fuck with that shit no more. I got high off it once and now whenever I take as little as 25mgs I feel paranoid, nervous, and anxious as fuck. Makes me have the worst time of my life. Anyways, the questions is, do Robitussin Cough Gels give robo itch aswell?

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    Probably the reason you didn't get the robo itch with the CCCs is because the CPM in them is an anti-histamine. You could use one or two CCCs along with a DXM only product and that way you would also have an extra 60 mg DXM.

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    Yes please.
    Recommend sticking with the pure DXM, and then taking another antihistamine for the itch. The problem with using the CCC's is that you can't really control the dosage of the other ingredients, you just swallow it down, and often it's way too much.

    If you had problems using benadryl, it's probably because of it being a anticholinergic antihistamine. The 2nd gen ones, stuff like loratadine and cetirizine to name a few, shouldn't cause any problems like paranoia. So worth just buying a pack of them (usually under hayfever or allergy meds, not too sure about what the trade names would be though) and then taking it with the pure-DXM cough syrup.

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    DXM questions usually belong in Psychedelic Drugs but as this has been answered here I'll leave it. I agree that the antihistamine probably helps the itch, but nAON is quite right that it is best to take products that only contain DXM - antihistamines can cause unpleasant delirium in high doses (as you found with Benadryl). If you get on with CCCs then you could try taking some chlorphenamine seperately as it is the antihistamine found in that formulation, or you could try a newer antihistamine like cetirizine or loratadine..

    As this has been answered I'm going to close it, but if you have more questions/want it moved elsewhere shoot me a pm

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