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    Real or fake Watson 540 
    I recently ran outta my watson 540s and got some from a family friend only they arent working at all there is no pain relief and seems to make my right arm feel like i have apinched nerve. I looked and even measured them against some others same brand only fron my pharmacy and i cant tell the visual difference. Does anyone know something i shld visually look for that will show/tell me the difference in the real ones oposed to the fake ones? Please help!!!

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    Did they have any number on the pill or letter and numbers, if so you can do a search for those numbers and letters and it will tell you what it was, if it didnt have any numbers on them there probally fake

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    #3 has pictures of all prescription pills. Look up the ones your looking for.

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    shit, that reminds me when i bought some from a friend, they were in a hydrocodone bottle, but i later found out it was ibuprofen, pissed me off, got my money back though

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    If people are really making fake vicodin it surely is a sad time and means the world is getting pretty damn desperate.

    Just fyi BL doesn't really do pill IDs so check

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    Idk man i mean if they actually LOOKED like hydros or whatev watson 540's are then i doubt someone would actuallly take the time to carve all that shit in there and shape em to look legit Unless they are DEAD BROKE because it would take at least an hour for somebody to do just one....

    But who fucking knows man hit up the pharmacy...

    Google pillfinder, there are several

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    I believe this has been adequately answered, and as others have said, pill IDs are not allowed.

    If you find out for sure that fake pills are going around, then you can use the regional forum to warn others as long as you can describe the difference between the real and fakes.


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