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    Blurry Vision 
    Whenever I use more than my normal dose of heroin, I get blurry vision. I am unable to focus my eyes on any one spot for more than a few seconds without straining. I know blurry vision is a common side effect of heroin use, but when I used to use oxycodone, and got even higher it wasn't nearly as bad. I chalked it up to injecting street drugs, opposed to orally taking a pharmaceutical drug. I am nearsighted and according to one optometrist have a slight astigmatism. It usually goes away after a half hour or so. Is there anything I can do to help this aside from using less?

    I have another question. I have a friend who introduced me to my current connect. He has been using way longer than me and believes he feels coke in the dope. It could have been a one time thing, but it has me worried. If there is coke in it, it must be such a small amount that I haven't noticed it. I have speed balled once before, but I don't remember it feeling much different than my regular dose of dope, as I only used a small amount of cocaine. All things aside, can anyone describe to be the subtle and not so subtle differences between injecting heroin with a small amount of cocaine and opposed to straight dope.
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    just go to rite aid or walgreens or whatever store you have like that and buy the cocaine at home drug test (they sell cheap ones that only do cocaine, so it's not a 5 panel or 12 panel, it's just a stick that you put into the cup with your piss and it tells you if there is cocaine in your system)
    That will tell you if your dope *recently enough for it to detect* had coke in it.
    This conversation is borderline since it is regarding using drug tests so that's all im gonna say.
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    When your vision becomes blurry, is it severe to the point where you wouldn't be able to say, read text on a computer screen? Because I suffer from that symptom occasionally, but it's only when trying to read and/or respond to text messages; I often have to close one eye to do so. So it's not to the point where I would be looking for a cure, but it is noticeable. I really don't think there's any remedies for that, if you're looking for something OTC or something similar.

    As for your other question, it comes down to be able to distinguish the typical coke side effects versus the heroin side effects when they're mixed. Unless you're pretty damn familiar with speedballing, it'd be pretty difficult to decipher. Some of them are going to be personal as well - coke makes me often want to grit my teeth for some reason, without me even noticing. This happens when I speedball as well. But along with that awake, tense feeling I feel coke warrants, it's going to be very hard to tell...especially if it's a small amount of coke we're talking about.
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    Sometimes it does become that severe that it is very difficult to read text or sometimes just try and focus my eyes in general. It's really bad when I'm driving, I have to close my eyes and shake my head every few seconds.
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    This happens to me as well, especially when I'm coming out of a nod or nap. I don't notice it if I'm just watching TV or similar, but if I have subtitles on, for example, I'll see the text in two different spaces on the screen -- for me, this difficulty focusing manifests both as double vision and blurry vision. It absolutely causes difficulty reading text on a computer screen for me, which is what just now brought me to search the forums for fellow sufferers. I was trying to read a Wikipedia article and, like others have noted, I'm often only able to focus for a few seconds at a time before the entire mass of text starts to double up, and it's basically impossible to continue reading without constantly closing and refocusing my eyes, or keeping my left eye closed altogether and using my dominant eye to read. I wasn't sure if this was a common side effect. I have poor vision to begin with, but wearing my glasses doesn't make a difference. Reading a Wikipedia article without my glasses on wouldn't be an issue for me normally -- only in the few hours after use.

    How long does it usually last for others? Do you feel that straining your eyes often leads to headaches, as well? I'm feeling one coming on right now, and can only assume it is related.
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