Thread: how many hours to wait after taking Oxycodone to drink?

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    how many hours to wait after taking Oxycodone to drink? 
    Haha sorry for making so many lame threads. But they are legit questions that I can't really find real answers to when I search

    For several reasons of celebration - I really wana drink tonight... nothing crazy. Haven't for like 3+ weeks mostly cause of surgery.

    I'm also really scared of respiratory depression since it happened to me when I was younger with benzos (no tolerance) and excessive amounts of alcohol.... lucky to be alive.

    Well now I am older and more mature, but just wanted to check in about the time for the half-life of IR oxycodone regarding alcohol... If I took approx 25mg of Oxy around 2:30pm , and then want to be able to have some drinks with my girl and some friends at around 9:30pm - that's 7 hours.... is that a long enough time-period where I should be able to sip on some nice tequilla/mixed drinks? Obviously I'm not trying to be pounding shots and getting blackout.

    Right now I'm feeling kinda tired from the Oxy, but I'm thinking in 3-4 hours from now, after a big meal, drinking mad tea and water, a light-work out, shower, some espressos to wake me up that it would be fine? And I would take it extra easy with the drinks at first to see how I reacted to them.

    I know my body & benzos real real well.... being prescribed and addicted to them for 2 years, and in that case my tolerance is so high that I can drink safely without ever worrying about having the bezos in me.

    But when it comes to opiates I'm still pretty naive and anything I don't know about/are not experienced with scares/makes me worry a lot more.
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    No worries on the threads man,

    Seven hours is certainly enough time.

    Your plan to take it easy on the drinks and see how you react to them is the best course of action. Don't just dive right in, but take it slow to make sure there isn't any adverse reaction (I doubt there would be).

    In my opinion, it is safe to drink 3-5 hours after having consumed oxycodone (assuming it is an IR formulation).
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    Seven hours is enough time. But just in general, if you are opiate-naive you need to watch it, alcohol + opiates impairs your judgement pretty bad. I always have a few drinks to potentiate the opiate high, but from what I can tell I am definitely in the minority. Alcohol and APAP together is bad for your liver, but if you are careful it is not really a problem. Here are Pill_head's rules: 1) No more than 2000 mg APAP total. 2) No alcohol for at least 1 hour after your last dose of opiate. 3) No more than 1 drink per hour, especially hard liquor. I've been doing that for months and never had any issues.
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    Pill_head, you have some very good rules.

    I think anyone combining alcohol and opiates should follow those rules closely.

    Excellent advice, IMO.
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    Thanks you answered my questions before I asked. But the guy who started this thread how are you taking 25mg? Seems like Alot of Oxy.
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