Thread: How long to wait to take Oxy after taking Adderall?

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    How long to wait to take Oxy after taking Adderall? 
    Took 30mg of regular Adderall this morning (about 2 hours ago), along with my prescribed normal dose of 1mg of clonazepam. Feeling fine, not great anymore but fine. It's still going. Maybe I just need to eat something.

    [ I prefer Vyvanse much, much, much more.... but until I become prescribed, I will take the occasional stims for getting work done when I can get them.. ]

    Anyways, I also have the very rare occasion of having a single 30mg A 215 oxy.... I've noticed from a couple past experiences, that when taken at the right time, at the right dose, Oxycodone and Adderall seem to have an amazing synergy!

    My dose/tolerance to Oxy has only recently become higher because of surgery I went through. About 20mg oral seems to be a perfect dose for me.

    For those of you with experience mixing around the two, what do you find goes best? I'm gona go eat lunch now, but I'm already feeling some of the not so great aspects to the adderall.... It's just all hard to judge and manage because I also have the clonazepam that I am physically dependent on, so I should probably take at least .5mg soon.... And then maybe wait a couple more hours then drop the Oxy??

    Here is the thing: Yes, I have both of the 2 best things for combatting 'comedown' effects of Adderall, being benzos and opiates. Benzos I am very familiar with and for down-part of the "Adderall parabola-graph" it of course works very well....

    But the big difference I noticed is that the rare times I have taken oxycodone in replace of the benzos for the comedown is that once the Oxy kicks in, not only are the negative effects of the adderall removed, but instead I get this kind of energetic boost that lasts a while, that has me diving back into my work or whatever I am doing! It's almost like being redosed with a stimulant.... way different than taking Oxy alone.

    (Of course I have to take the benzos later on to avoid w/d symptoms, but not not until the Oxy seems to be gone)

    Thoughts, advise, thanks

    **update - revised **

    Made some cantaloupe & prosciutto and blended up some fruits and shit... a late, lazy brunch.

    I'm really not "feeling it"....... again the reason I really dislike adderall sometimes...

    you know... 30mg isn't a tiny amount, so it's obviously still active in my system and I feel it, but it just isn't doing it today.

    My work consists almost completely of really opening the creative floodgates and focusing in.... and I feel the artificial focus, but with an underlying kind of 'doubt-dread/slightest addy depression' already. Today I have a really imperative deadline, and have a lot else on my mind... hence taking the adderall.

    How bad is it for your heart really? I have heard that some people actually routinely take oxy + stimulant as prescribed by a doctor? I just know that taking 1mg of Kpin is just going to take the edge off slightly.... and that's about it.

    But it's been about 3+ hours since I've injested the addy, and I have a feeling that if I take 20mg of Oxy now - in the 45 minutes or so it takes to kick in.... I will feel on top of the world and amazing, but clear-minded and focused?

    I've just always waited much longer in the duration of addy halflife to take the oxy in the past... and don't want to end up freaking out or having some crazy heart papiltations.
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    Oxycodone and Adderall can be used together at the same time or in any sequence. No interactions.

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    ^This, you shouldn't have any problems mixing the two.

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    Yeah... long story short: took like 25mg of Oxy = feeling 100x better

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    (and closed.)

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