Thread: speedball shot, big round numb lump, what happened?

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    speedball shot, big round numb lump, what happened? 

    I'm a long time off and on IV drug user. Tonight I cooked up a speedball (black tar heroin and crack cocaine w/ vitamin c) and shot it into a vein in my hand, I registered, shot halfway, registered again, shot the rest. I pulled out and almost immediately a big round lump where I shot swole up.

    It's numb, I have been running hot water on it and using a hot washcloth on it as well. It's been about 30 minutes so far and the swelling has only gone down a little bit. What happened and what should I do? I know cocaine can cause tissue necropsy.. I have some scar tissue in my arm from a missed cocaine shot ~5 years ago to remind me of that.

    The lump isn't red nor warm to the touch.

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