Thread: West-ward 140 Pills (Atropine,hyoscyamine phenobarbital and scopolamine)

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    West-ward 140 Pills (Atropine,hyoscyamine phenobarbital and scopolamine) 
    I've recently gained access to a number of these pills, which contain .0194 mg Atropine,.1037 mg hyoscyamine, 16.2 mg phenobarbital, and .0065 mg scopolamine. I recognized the phenobarbital as a Barbituate, which is what caught my interest. I was worried, though, about the other drugs contained in each tablet, as I have never heard of any of them before. I was wondering if any of these other drugs have some sort of recreational value and/or pose a significant threat if taken in sufficient doses to achieve a phenobarbital high.
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    My old neighbor with crones disease takes these. No I would not mess around with it I believe its called donnatal name brand.

    The other drugs are muscarinic. Meaning I think they would make you delirious if you took a recreational dose of the phenobarb, or at least have some kind of nasty effect.
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    Phenobarbital really isn't that recreational. It might help with wd's but it won't give you any pleasant effects. Plus it builds up in your system over a long period of time and it takes a while before it reaches its peak. This one time I took a little too much pheno to fight the benzo wd's and I felt out of it for a day or 2 as if I drank way too much the night before.
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    Don't try and use these recreationally.
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    I'd definitely recommend against it as well. Phenobarbital is one of the least recreational barbiturates, and as you increase the dose of it you'd start to see nasty effects from the other ingredients long before you felt anything, I'm expecting.
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    The other ingredients include the active ones in Datura or Deadly Nighshade. I would not take these to get high, you could end up deleriuous or at worst have a personal appointment with Mr Death!
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    Thanks guys. I decided it wasnt worth the risk, especially since phenobarbital isnt that great, and Ive got extensive access to much more worthwhile pharms like Percocet and Xanax among many others
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