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    How to catch someone stealing your money 
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    This has happened several times now over the course of 3 or 4 months. First time or 2, I wasnt sure, maybe i spent more than I though or didnt have as much cash as I thought (happens) but after one day someone repaid me back with a 100 dollar bill and it went missing, Im like WTF!!! I've also had my prescription meds go missing as well. Nobody in my house is into those scripts (ADD meds, stims...but they're strictly for school and im an Engineering major so they are like my lifeline) but doesnt mean they didnt go sell or trade them for something the are into. This just happened AGAIN after a few weeks of me causing a whole shit fit. The 3 roommates are all mostly believable and I have no idea who it is.

    I should lock my shit up but it's more important to find out who it is.

    Any really good surefire ways to catch someone red handed?

    Only thing I've thought of so far is to blacklight marker the cash and then when its missing confront them. But there's some holes in that strategy like what if they take and spend before I notice it's gone or they claim not to have any money on them or at all?

    One more thing to add, it's most likely when I'm sleeping (Im a very heavy sleeper) and I cant lock my door because I live in a New Orleans shotgun style house (house is built north to south, living room in front, kitchen in back and bedrooms in between, no hallways, beautiful houses but big pain in the ass in roommate situations for obvious reasons)
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    One of those nanny cams that you can hide in everyday objects. If you want hard evidence, its hard to argue with a videotape.
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    Its really tough. Keep your things well secured. If you notice something missing think carefully through when it could have happened and who it might have been. A pattern will emerge.

    A friend had a roommate who would steal from him, but rather than just take something he would hide it for a while in a public area of the house, but nowhere the item should possibly be. If accused, the item would turn up and much indignation would be voiced. If nothing was said, he'd steal it permanently from its hiding spot.

    Even if you find out who it is, you will be pushing shit up hill trying to resolve it.
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    i had this happen days before i graduated from college

    i've never really been too secure with my cash, don't use a wallet, and rarely lock doors

    most of my cash was just scatted somewhere in my room

    i woke up with my room mate tip-toing through my messy room while i was sleeping one day, and really didn't think too much of it at the time

    than a few days later i had gone out for a bit and came back and my ceiling fan was turned off...i had lived in that apartment from sophomore-senior years, and had never once turned it off....hmmmmm?

    instead of confronting this scumbag

    my last day there he was away and he had left his bedroom door open, so i proceeded to scratch the shit outta a bunch of his dvds, threw a few of them in the garbage, dunked his tooth brush in my nasty toilet, and pissed in his snowboard boots...among other nasty things

    good luck
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    up on the hill where they do do the boogie
    nanny cam
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    take your cash and spray it with pepper spray and let it dry. the culprit will reveal thmselves unless they wash their hands directly after taking the money. if you think its happening while you are sleeping, get a rape alarm and set up a fishline tripwire connected to it. when they kick the line it will pull the pin on the alarm and wake you and everyone else up. i would nanny cam it too so that you can record their face when they realize they dun goofed and watch it for eternity.
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    Keep all your very valuables stuff in a safe. You can get them for like $20 ... a small one ... just hide it under your bed or something. The nanny cam works well. Or a motion sensor thing.
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    get a safe. and put a lock on your door.
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    use counterfeit bills then when someone around you gets arrested for it, voila!

    ps. I don't actually recommend using counterfeit bills.
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